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Ask any record collector right now what has been the one release that has given them a headache with anticipation and impatience, chances are that they will say ConvergeJane Doe 2xLP reissue or Brand NewThe Devil and God are Raging Inside Me 2xLP. By no means is it intended to be disrespectful to either release or label(s) putting them out. These two releases have been a long time in the making not only after initial release announcements, but also to actually materialize and be in people’s hands and their turntables. Yes, there were holdups and snafus all over the place. But given the nature of today’s typical record collector, patience wore thin on a lot of people. Understandably so, to an extent.

Converge’s Jane Doe finally made it out to people. And it was superb. Oh yes it was and is.

And then there is Brand New’s The Devil and God are Raging Inside. There was a lot of drama and nonsense involving this release. From the initial announcement by Academy Fight Song that they were putting it out to then saying they weren’t as Triple Crown Records was going to do it instead. Then back to AFS saying they were also putting out a different, more deluxe version in addition to Triple Crown’s. It got confusing, frustrating, you name it…Not to mention that Jesse Lacey still owes me and a lot of people a dollar.



Alright, I’m jealous

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It’s no secret, I LOVE Blacklisted. They are the one band that I go out of my way to collect, as you saw in THIS post.

But earlier, while browsing around the internet looking for something I came across this awesome blog and, more importantly this guy’s awesome Blacklisted collection. Seriously, look at this beast;


Yes, I geeked hard. Why else do you think I’m posting about it?

I Exist

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One of my favorite things about running this blog and the Twitter account associated with it is the Networking I’ve been able to do. True, this has beneficial to what I’m doing here in terms of ‘spreading the word’ but I’ve also made some pretty awesome e-connections or e-friends (although, I admit, I hate the idea of referring to something as e-whatever. but I digress.)

Of course, one of the cooler aspects of this is I’ve had some of these networking connections just send me vinyl. I mean, how awesome is that? I didn’t start this blog to get free vinyl, I started it to document my growing collection of records (inspired by the awesome We Will Bury You blog among other ‘vinyl prOn’ blog) so getting anybody to send me anything has been a very cool added bonus.

And that’s how we bring ourselves to this awesome record.
Craig at Midnight Funeral was one of the earliest connections I made after I launched the Twitter account. If you don’t know Craig then you really should; one of the true ‘good guys’ in this whole vinyl collecting ‘game.’ Anyway, Craig runs the totally DIY Midnight Funeral Records which, if you didn’t know, is in Australia. So, the fact that he’s sent me not one but two separate packages of vinyl at different times halfway around the world makes me respect him even more.

If you’re not familiar with I Exist the best I can describe them is an Australian Cursed. And if, like me, you love Cursed then these guys are right up your alley. Or should be at least, so make sure you check them out as soon as you get a chance.

This is the first pressing of this record. It comes on black vinyl and is limited to 150. It is completely sold out BUT fear not; as you might have noticed we’re running a contest around here. So if you want to get a chance to win this record for absolutely free then you need to click RIGHT HERE and check out the details of how to get entered.

We talked about it last week and today is the day the orders went live.  Also, there was much debate on what kind of color scheme these would be on and apparently that was all for not; they are being pressed on plain, normal black vinyl. Which is a-ok with us here at TSPV.

No idea what the total pressing run on these is yet, but, if you didn’t sign up for the email notification and want to get one of these, or both of these, then click HERE to do that.

Also, with the launch of these orders Deathwish made some more copies of their 2010 Deluxe Edition of Jane Doe available. These are on white vinyl and look really awesome. Juan covered those when we first launched the blog on WordPress, there were 2000 of the white variant pressed.


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Album – Songs For Singles
Artist – Torche
Purchased From – Vacation Vinyl

This is Vacation Vinyl‘s Teal color variant exclusive for the new Torche EP Songs For Singles.
It was limited to 100 copies, only available at the Vacation Vinyl store. I saw a link on twitter saying that the record store was selling a few through their web store and I don’t think that they lasted for an hour. I got pretty lucky with this one as I believe it is the most limited of the colors available. I decided to open it by taking my razor sharp pocket knife and opening the outer envelope just like I would do a letter at work. On my pink copy I pealed the flap open very much in the same way that was posted in the other post for this album on the blog. I was kind of bummed on that whole pealing deal cause it harshed out the envelope pretty bad. I’m sure the band and record company are pretty stoked that they bummed everyone out. Nice looking record.

Not Vinyl Related – Katy Perry on SNL

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I hate to post this kind of thing, because modern era SNL is not my cup of tea and I loathe Katy Perry’s music.

However…I have to post this pic of Perry’s SNL appearance this past weekend that I just came across in one of my Google Reader blog subscriptions.


Cold Cave

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Just because I’ve been listening to this band a whole hell of a lot this week

When it comes to hardcore/punk music scenes, South Florida (or even Florida as whole for that matter) is never really at the forefront. More hardcore fans know of the NYHC sound and scene or the SoCal sound or Midwest hardcore scene. Due to its location and infinite influx of different cultures, South Florida never really had a hardcore scene or sound per se. The better known hardcore/punk bands to come out of the Sunshine State include As Friends Rust, Hot Water Music, Shai Hulud, Floor, and a few others. But of the bunch, especially in the 90’s, Strongarm would probably be one of the bands that defined the SFLxHC sound if there were to be one. And that’s “South Florida Hardcore” by the way.

Strongarm formed in 1993 and got the attention of many in the hardcore scene. The band released their first album, Atonement, on the Tooth & Nail label. The record pushed them forward in the hardcore circles and gained them a larger following outside of their SoFla home. Even though the band was pigeon-holed as “Christian Hardcore”…and surely so since the member were outspoken Christians and lyrically the music dealt with faith-driven issues and ideas…the band was embraced by many and all. It wasn’t until 1997’s The Advent of a Miracle that the band cemented their place in the local Florida scene but also being one of the more innovative and unique-sounding bands in hardcore bands at the time.


Because it is officially sold out, completely, according to Jake Bannon.

No left overs exist.
The releases is 100% sold out, all versions.
Auction sites, trading, or a possible retail store is your only option for acquiring one.



That was from a post earlier today on the Vinyl Collective message boards. Happy hunting on eBay, Limited Pressing, Dead Format or wherever you do your auction buys/work out trades.


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Album – Songs For Singles

Artist – Torche

Purchased From – Hydra Head e-store

The much discussed vinyl version of the latest Torche offering finally crossed into my mailbox today and, I have to admit, I’m a bit underwhelmed and more than a bit aggravated.

I was ready to forgive Hydra Head for charging $20 dollars for what is essentially an EP (the album clocks in at about 20 minutes and change) because I really do like the music. And I could justify the expense to myself because I couldn’t NOT have the album, I have every other Torche release on vinyl so I wanted it to keep the ‘collection’ full AND I do love the hell out of Torche.  The vinyl itself is pretty heavy duty, not 180g heavy duty (:Editors Note: – after posting this, Nick and I got into a discussion via text messasge on whether or not this actually IS 180g. I haven’t seen anything anywhere that says it is, but Nick says it’s just as heavy duty as 180g record he happened to be listening to the day his copy of this showed up. So, basically, if anybody knows for sure if this is 180g leave a comment and let us know. Thanks) but not cheap and flimsy either. So, I was ready to add another check mark in the ‘reasons I love Torche and Hydra Head’ category.

Then I went to open the packaging.

Look, I appreciate creativity…whether it’s in the music an artist creates or in the packaging said music comes in. But whoever had the idea (be it somebody in the band or someone at the label…whoever it was) to put this thing in a SEALED envelope really dropped the ball. I don’t mean the outer plastic sleeve that the album came in…I mean the actual outer sleeve of the record is a sealed damn paper envelope! Look what happens when you try to open it (click on the image to see the full, hi res results);

Look, I’m not a ‘flipper’ who gets pissed when anything happens to any part of a record or record packaging because it might affect my ability to get top dollar off some schmuck on eBay. I am, however, VERY O.C.D. about the condition of things I buy. I put money into something (whether it’s a record, a video game, a book – yes, I still actually buy books. screw an e-reader – my blackberry, etc) so I make absolutely sure it stays in the absolute best condition possible. So, to end up with something like this is just beyond aggravating for me. Maybe it’s not for you, and if that’s the case that’s fine. But I’d be doing myself, and this blogs readers, a disservice if I didn’t point these things out.

Anyway, to see what the rest of the record and packaging looks like check the pics below. This is on clear pink/white swirl marble. No idea what the pressing info on this one is but I’m almost positive it’s the second rarest variant behind the Teal variant that Vacation Vinyl had for sale exclusively.