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Kayo Dot – Coyote LP

Posted: January 29, 2011 by Juan D. in Record Nerds
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Kayo Dot is one of those bands that truly defies genres. The music  is all over the place but of forced to categorize it, I’d call it experimental free-rock. It’s just hard to really describe. I started getting into them simply because they are on the Hydra Head roster. On a whim, I picked up their third album, Blue Lambency Downward, and hated it. Yup. I could not get into it at all. It didn’t make sense. There was no typical structure to the music and songs. I didn’t get it enough that I blasted it a bit on a review I did for Mammoth Press. But after some time passed, I went back and listened to the album again and was hooked. I was able to understand what it meant. And it was good.

In 2009 Kayo Dot released Coyote. The album initially started as a collaborative effort between KD main musician, Toby Driver, and NYC-based writer, filmmaker, and video artist Yuko Sueta. Unfortunately the collaboration came to a halt due to Sueta passing away from breast cancer. Driver decided to finish the project as Kayo Dot album and dedicated it to Sueta.

The album was released by Hydra Head but the vinyl was handled by Taiga Records. I have known of Taiga and dealt with label owner, Andrew, on a few occasions. The first time was when the label released a deluxe vinyl version of Lotus Eaters Mind Control for Infants. Let’s just say that the way the releases are packaged and done, they are well worth the money. And then some.



ISIS – Oceanic 2xLP Reissue

Posted: January 24, 2011 by Juan D. in Record Nerds
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There are certain bands out there whose entire vinyl output makes it at times nearly impossible to be a completist when collecting them. Pick most bands on the No Idea roster or even NOFX. If you’re looking to get every single piece of variant of vinyl releases, you need to be independently wealthy or have taken out a second and third mortgage on your home. For those of us not living with mom and dad of course.

I’m joking. Riiiiiiight.

ISIS is not far behind being one of those bands whose vinyl releases are very extensive and plenty of variants are available of. Some more rare than others and making an attempt to have a complete ISIS collection is close to impossible. Not to mention bordering on the insane.

That being the case then, you may as well institutionalize me. ASAP.

Back in October of 2010, the band announced via their blog that Oceanic would once again be available on vinyl. To be re-released/reissued/repressed/redone by Robotic Empire, the new edition of the album would be re-mastered and re-cut. You know, to make it sound better. Fast forward to January 8, 2011, and Robotic dropped the “pre-ordering” on us. Mind you, this was on a Saturday so needless to say it caught a lot of people by surprise including me. Was I really expected to be at a computer or obsessively checking my Twitter feed on my iPhone on a Saturday?!?!

In a nice write-up by RE to hype the re-release, they said:

“It’s no secret we’re big ISIS fans. Have been, still are, will be. Robotic Empire and  

ISIS have a lengthy history, but even after releasing four remix LPs, two 2xLP albums, one live 2xLP and a massive commemorative box set together, this release still carries serious weight. After being out of print for years, we’re proud to re-issue (our personal favorite) ISIS album, Oceanic, as a fine 2xLP release.

Showcasing a band at the height of a monumental transition, Oceanic was and is hailed by many fans as ISIS‘ landmark album, simultaneously earning widespread critical acclaim. Raising the massive bridge between crushing metal and atmospheric post-rock, ISIS truly came into their own sound on this brilliant sophomore album. Now housed in a heavyweight “tip-on” style gatefold jacket, Oceanic has been carefully re-mastered and re-cut for optimal sound quality.

We are absolutely thrilled to be reissuing this double LP, even despite the band’s somewhat recent breakup. Regardless, this album stands the test of time and we’re honored to present it to you.”

(Borrowed this pic from Robotic)


When I heard that Mamiffer was putting out new material via a split with Oakeater, I jumped at the chance. I already had the split cassette box set they had both done, so why not another on vinyl? Of course!

I initially got hooked on Mamiffer thanks to Everlovely Lightningheart. I had picked up EL‘s Sien Weal Tallion Rue 2xLP from Hydra Head simply because it was on the label and it sounded interesting. I dug around more info about the group and as time passed they disbanded. One of the EL members, Faith Coloccia, started Mamiffer some time later. I think. I could have my info completely wrong. But what’s important is that I receive a promo CD of Mamiffer‘s Hirror Enniffer in one of many orders I placed with Hydra Head. I must’ve listened to that CD everyday for weeks on end. Yeah, it’s that good.

What does Mamiffer sound like? Imagine taking My Bloody Valentine‘s feedback-drenched guitars and noise and marrying them to piano-driven somber music. That may get you close to what Mamiffer sounds like. But so much better and emotional. Since the promo CD was pretty plain, I had no idea who else was in the band. But I later found out that Aaron Turner of ISIS was also on that recording. My mind = blown!

Oakeater are much more ambient. Their sound is very subtle and layered. A bit harder to describe really.

The split LP was put out by SIGE Records which happens to be the label started by Faith and Aaron. They are very DIY in that all aspects of the release are very hands on and  crafted. The covers are screenprinted. The labels are hand-stamped.

Total press run for this split is 300. 50 on black and 250 on grey. All are hand-numbered on the outside of sleeve.

What has me most excited about this split is that not only are the songs on it great, but it’s a start for a very busy release output from Mamiffer. Lately I have been listening to less hardcore and metal and venturing into other genres. So this is a great fit for that new inclination.

The split is still available via SIGE’s webstore. It looks like the black vinyl is gone as there is no color option listed. But get it nonetheless if you’re into it.


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Album – Nobody’s Darling’s

Artist – Lucero

Purchased From – No Idea

I got an email from No Idea Records saying that Sabot Productions was releasing Ben Nichols (Lucero) solo album for the first time on vinyl. Since I was all about getting that record, I went over to the No Idea webstore. While I was looking around I noticed that Sabot had also re-released a couple of Lucero albums. These things were crazy cheap especially considering that they were 180 gram records. One was the brilliant Nobody’s Darling’s. I love this album with my heart and soul. It and Tennessee (which wasn’t re-released) are without a doubt my two favorite Lucero albums and I love that band.

I don’t really have any cool Lucero stories. When I saw them it was at a radio show taping and they were really tame. I mean the bass player was annihilated but they played perfect almost to the point of being boring. Nobody fell off the stage, in fact the people in the crowd were the most unruly of the bunch. Those fuckers had some beer in them. I listen to this album all the time and I don’t really skip anything on it. I would go as far as to call this album near perfect.

One thing I thought was cool is the fact that even though they produced an inner sleeve with art they also included an aftermarket inner sleeve that was lined, which is super fancy.

Although I love every song on this album equally I think I got a special place in my heart for Bikeriders.

Album – Split

Artist – Chinese Telephones/Dear Landlord

Purchased From – No Idea

I saw that Recess Records put out a split with Chinese Telephones one day while I was looking around No Idea Records webstore and I picked it up. I’d never heard of Dear Landlord but I figured if they were on a split with Chinese Telephones they must be pretty good. Both bands play driven punk that reminds me of Pinhead Gunpowder and Blink 182. Probably don’t tell them I said they sound like Blink 182. Anyway, both bands are great and I love the canary yellow vinyl too.

I’ve had a major case of writer’s block as of late. Nothing I’ve been writing is good enough for me and thus haven’t posted. I guess it’s true when they say that you’re your own worst critic.

So instead here ya go. It seems to have snuck by with no announcement or anything but Deathwish Inc. is dropping Jane Doe on us. Again. This time on black vinyl. It’s more than likely part of their effort to keep some Converge represses more widely available.

So get at it on the DW webstore if you’re so inclined in adding it to your collection. I know I’ll eventually pick up this black version since I’m such a Converge fanatico fantastico numero uno! Ha!

Against Me!

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Artist – Against Me

Album – ‘High Pressure Low” b/w “Strip Mall Parking Lots” acoustic

Purchased From – No Idea Records

One of those records I took a flyer on one day while ordering some stuff, so, I didn’t expect much. I ended up being pleasently surprsed by the 2 songs here and even more pleasently surprised that there was a copy of the Against Me acoustic EP thrown into the package for good measure.

This one is pressed on pink and has a die cut, removable center hole (hadn’t seen that one before.) Not 100% clear on the number pressed on this color but all the info I’ve gotten says it was limited to 400.


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This was posted a while back on the Tumblr site. Man if this isn’t one of the best videos ever. The first time I saw it I just thought it was strange but now I think it’s strange and wonderful. Those dudes must be huge in Europe cause every time I watch a soccer match, that song Kids is always playing at halftime.

Album – Cable

Artist – Gutter Queen

Purchased From – Real Tomato Ketchup

So I got this off of Real Tomato Ketchup, HydraHead‘s new site where they sell damaged and clearance shit. In this case I got a real nice copy of CableGutter Queen for $5. The album actually arrived in way good enough condition. It was listed as having a dinged cover and there is no knowing what that may look like. In the end this copy only had a few scuffs. It is red clear vinyl. I don’t know what pressing this is but It’s always been one of my favorites. This record in easily in the top 5 things HydraHead has ever put out for me.

Cable always seemed to be one of those kind of bands that you 100% believe every aspect of their music. It’s the kind of music that instantly transports you to their world. You feel as you are as fucked up as the music reflects. Not to mention these guys were doing this before a lot of bands started to catch on and copy. Someone once asked me to describe Cable and I said that they were a combination of doomy metal and Hoover-like DC guitar screaming. I think I’m still going to stick with that. I hope in the evolution of the next punk kids this band isn’t one that gets left in the past. One of the best LP covers also. This record is required shit fuckers.

This shit is genius. This trailer nearly sums it up for me. Real band with real problems.
I love the Dillinger story.

Right around the time we relaunched this blog on WordPress we kicked things off with a contest in conjunction with our friends at the great Australian D.I.Y. label Midnight Funeral. Since then, we have talked amongst ourselves of doing more contests and have finally hammered out the details of our followup contest and, boy, is it a good one.

What you see there is the VERY limited, record release show version of New Lows new album Harvest of The Carcass. It was only available at the 1.02.11 show at the Elk’s in Cambridge, MA. According to people who were there, it sold out in a blink and, if you missed out,  you’re now left to troll eBay on the hopes of getting a copy.

Unless you win this contest.

That’s right. We have teamed up with the fine folks at Deathwish Inc to give you a chance to win one of only 100 copies of this beast.  Pretty awesome right? We’d like to think so. If you’re not hip to what’s going on with this album it should be pointed out that this record comes in a special, release show only sleeve that was hand-painted by none other than Jacob Bannon. So, not only are you getting a limited edition record you are also getting a very limited and unique piece of Jacob Bannon artwork to go with it! And, if you’ve ever gone looking to buy one of Jake’s prints on eBay or some place you know damn well how hot those things can get.

So, how do you win this contest? It’s very simple, email us (theystillpressvinyl at gmail dot com) with your name in the subject line.

The deadline to get your entry in is Midnight EST on February 19th.  The winner will be announced that week right here on the blog and will be contacted via email.

A couple rules to keep in mind: Only ONE entry per person, we want to give everybody who reads the blog as equal a chance as possible to win. Also, by emailing us to enter this contest you agree to allow us to give your email address to Deathwish Inc. for their email newsletter mailing list.