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Taylor Swift – Red 2xLP Part Deux

Posted: April 5, 2013 by Juan D. in Record Nerds

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Another fuckin’ post about Taylor fuckin’ Swift! Hey man, you knew what you were getting into when reading this blog. It’s not like my unhealthy obsession with T-Swizzle is any secret. Ha!


Going back to the original post about her RED record, I mentioned that it was a sorely missed opportunity that the record has not been pressed on red vinyl. It would have made great sense given not only the title but also how much Swift was going on and on and on about the importance of the title and the color red. Well hell. It seems that someone somewhere realized that screw-up and went ahead and did press it on red vinyl. BUT. Not before making it difficult to get.

You see, right now it’s awards season. At least when it comes to country music. So the American Country Music Awards are in high gear right now accepting and taking in votes for their awards show later this month. The exact date escapes me right now. So prior to that, they usually send out to whomever makes up their “panel” (I use that loosely because I honestly have no idea how it exactly works with them when it comes to awards decisions and votes) any and all promotional items to be for their consideration. This usually means new versions and editions of album releases with new write-ups geared towards swaying their vote. You could say that it could be considered variants and special editions of releases, but they’re normally CD releases.

Well. With Taylor Swift‘s RED, they seem to have gotten savvy and pressed the album on red vinyl and sent that out to the panel members. And of course a few of those members got smart and dumped their copies on eBay. Of course. Where else?

A few  started showing up out of the blue and thanks to a fellow record nerd and Swift addict, I got given the headsup on them and one seller in specific that had the best deal. So of course without a second thought I swooped on it.

First, the album was sent out in an oversized LP mailer box more fitting for a box set. It was adorned with a nice sticker boasting a bold statement about Swift. (Signed RED CD was not included. No one needs to know my damn address)


Inside, the record was packed in bubble-wrap and in a “sleeve” presenting the accolades of past to sway the voter to choose Swift for the awards.


The jacket itself is exactly the same as the regular version with the exception that the barcode on the back has been stricken-through with a sharpie as any promo-only releases would have been. Anyone who has ever worked in a music store and radio station will know what I’m talking about whenever any promo CDs and releases were received. This was and still is the norm.



How ’bout that? Red vinyl for a record titled RED. Now THAT makes sense and fits along with any and all grand master plan Swift may have.

And it’s heavyweight vinyl too. So that makes it mo’ better.

That’s it.

It’s red. As it should have been right out of the gate.