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Hydra Head Record Store Day pre-orders

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I was just checking out the Hydra Head blog and found this bit of news that might interest some of you. They are offering ALL of their Record Store Day releases via their website as limited pre-orders. The logic behind this seems pretty simple; Sure it’s Record STORE Day and the point is to actually go and support your favorite indie store. But some might not have that option, so they have come up with this idea and at least some of their fans can get a hold of these records. Even if they don’t have a store in their area or a store in their area that will have these releases.

If your’e interested you can check these pre-orders out by heading to the Hydra Shop by hitting THIS LINK


Tim Barry

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Tim Barry has announced that he plans on moving his back catalog (ie everything) to Chunksaah Records.

I have an opinion here so I’ll spit it out. I recently bought all of the Tim Barry albums. They all three came from different sources, all three were sealed and all three have very detectable surface noise. I mean to the point where I don’t listen to them. I have contacted Suburban Home on two occasions and I have received zero reply. Little bummed cause all I’ve ever heard is how lovely these people are. Anyway I’m not trying to bag too hard on Suburban Home cause they put out great bands but these records are shit and it’s a huge waste of money. I would gladly mail them back for an exchange and pay postage both ways but I guess I’ll just wait till Chunkshaha puts them out and buy them again.

Here is a statement from Tim Barry and Chunksaah ….

Chunksaah Records is proud to announce the re-release of TIM BARRY’s “28th & Stonewall,” “Manchester” and “Rivanna Junction” albums in all formats (CD, LP and Digital) – May 10, 2011. The CD versions will all be re-issued as digipacks and the LP versions will be on embossed reverse-board with colored vinyl (translation: fancy!!!)

Here’s what Chunksaah Records had to say about the re-issues: “Tim Barry has long been a member of our family and we are excited to expand the ways in which we are spreading the good word of music and family worldwide! We will be officially celebrating on Good Friday (aka Friday April 22nd, 2011) at the Asbury Lanes, in our fair city-by-the-sea – Asbury Park, NJ. Who knew that Tim would turn Yankee? haha.”

Tim said, “Moving my back catalog of albums from Suburban Home Records to Chunksaah Records was not an easy decision to make, considering the incredible relationship I share with Suburban Home, both personally and as a record label. However, I felt the need to have every aspect of my musical support crew in one place. With this change, my booking agent, publicist, merchandise company, much of my road crew and now record label are all located in the the Great State of New Jersey – the Asbury Park area to be specific.”

The Holy Mountain

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Album – Entrails

Artist – The Holy Mountain

Purchased From – Budget Records (328 E. Forsythe St. Jacksonville, Fl)

My other purchase from my recent trip to Jacksonville, this one was slightly more expensive than the Kylesa (this one was $10…like I said, slightly more expensive) but an awesome find and score none the less.

This from the first press run of the four press runs No Idea has done for this album. Released in June of 2005, the initial press run (something called ‘grey explosion’) was limited to only 500 total (the other three press runs, all on some variation of grey were limited to 525, 210 and 315 respectively.)

As far as the music goes, I’m a little late to the party with The Holy Mountain. I’d read their name in various places a hundred times the last couple years but never checked them out for one reason or another. But I finally got around to checking them out and really dig them, so being able to pick this up (especially at the price I got it at) was indeed a nice score for me.


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Album – To Walk A Middle Course

Artist – Kylesa

Purchased From – Budget Records (328 E. Forsythe St. Jacksonville, Fl)

The wife and I recently made a road trip to Jacksonville to spend a couple days out of town with friends. While we were there my friends husband took me to Budget Records in Downtown Jacksonville. Budget is an awesome used record store that, even though it’s located in the downtown area of a major metropolitan area it’s still quite the hole in the wall. And, best of all, it’s not some indie record store that prices it’s records by looking at what they went for on eBay by checking Collector Frenzy for the average auction price. So, you can absolute find some awesome deals while you’re there. I found a couple of things while I was in there and this Kylesa record is one of them…and I got it for $9.

“To Walk a Middle Course” is Kylesa’s second full length release, released on Prosthetic Records in 2005. There were 3 versions of the record in a total press run of 3000; 2400 on black, 500 on clear yellow, and 100 clear with a special cover that were a tour only special. Musically, well, you know what you’re getting here; that Georgia Swamp Metal, sludgy sound that has blown up in a lot of ways lately thanks not just to Kylesa’s expanding fan base but also because of bands like Baroness and Black Tusk.

Anyway, I was really pleased to find this record in such amazing condition and for such a ridiculous price. I dig the hell out of Kylesa, but until now didn’t have any of their vinyl in my collection.

Lately it seems that I have been buying less and less records for a multitude of reasons. Running out of space. Trying to not spend as much money. Not many releases out now or coming out soon that are really grabbing me by the balls.

But it’s safe to say that if and when an Aaron Turner-related project gets released, I get giddy like a little girl. It’s not surprise that I was beyond stoked when I heard that Lotus EatersWurmwulv would get the vinyl treatment. Not only is this a project by Turner, but also in the group are Sunn O)))‘s Stephen O’Malley and Atomsmasher‘s James Plotkin. The group plays what would be called “experimental electroacoustic” music…which sounds about right. Wurmwulv was initially released in 2007 by Troubleman Unlimited. It wasn’t until now that the vinyl version was just released by Taiga Records. If you don’t know Taiga you should. They’re a vinyl-only label out of Minneapolis and they put out mostly (if not all) experimental and genre-defying albums by artists and bands that are hard to categorize. They had already released Lotus EatersMind Control For Infants 2xLP back in November 2009 and it was a phenomenal release. From the superb packaging to the great sound, they knocked it out of the park.


Last night while doing a little surfing on the old interweb I came across this exciting news. Well, exciting if you’re a fan of NYHC/Indecision/Most Precious Blood.

Most Precious Blood’s original demo released in 2000 has now been committed to vinyl. Pure, raw modern hardcore from Brooklyn, NY. This six song 7″ comes with a digital download that includes MPB’s cover of Slayer’s “Necrophobic”, the last song recorded with Tom on vocals “Typical My Heart” and a set of Minor Threat covers recorded live at CBGB’s.  7″ includes digital download.

For you pressing nerds it breaks down like this;


Needless to say, I went and ordered it as soon as I read about it. You can too by going HERE

And the winner is…

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Our latest contest to win a copy of the new Most Precious Blood album ended on Saturday night, so first of all thank you to all of you who entered. But only one of you can win. So, with no further delay, we’d like to congratulate our winner; Joseph Curtis.

Congrats, Joseph. As soon as you get your mailing address back to us we’ll work on getting that record into your hands as quickly as possible.

Thanks again to all who entered and stay tuned for Contest Number 4 coming sometime soon.

Album – Dynamite Steps

Artist – The Twilight Singers

Purchased From – Sub Pop

I love the Twilight Singers, Afghan Whigs, Greg Dulli, ect. This is the record we’ve been waiting for. The last Twilight Singers album was kind of out of step for me but this one seems like it might be back where they need to be. Nice combination of rock and the feeling of theater.

This is one of those things I saw on youtube a while back and i’ve always wanted to share.

People have many reasons for listening to vinyl. At this point, I’m cynical enough to think they aren’t all genuine. Goofy bastard that treat records as if they’re a fad or maybe some kind of stock investment. I can’t relate to that shit in the slightest. I love records because there is something about the right record that pours itself into your soul.

Anyone who thinks that because they are listening to a records they get that vinyl specific sound is spaced out fucking dumb. I own a lot of records and a ton of them sound like trash. In those cases I’d rather be listening to the CD because shitty records have no dynamics or soul. I’m sure most people convince themselves that all records are created equally but it’s far from the case.

I was talking to Josh the other day about my posting up some of the records that I buy that I usually wouldn’t even bother. I buy a whole lot of records that aren’t the run of the mill stuff that you usually see on this blog. I’ll get two or three older records a week that fit that bill. In the end I don’t think I’m going to waste my time putting them up on this site but what I think I might do is post up the occasional record that lights a fire under my ass. The kind of records that do in fact pour out of your record player and sound like you’re standing in the studio watching the band record live.

Joe Walsh was one of those people that growing up I had zero interest in. I hated The Eagles with a passion. That’s not saying that I didn’t have the ability to recognize the quality of songwriting and even the occasional song of The Eagles but I always loathed their brand of mellow rock. With that came the easy dismissal of Eagles related musicians. Even as a young adult I always assumed that I hated Joe Walsh….mistake.

Fast forward a few years later, a record collector friend of mine brings me Joe Walsh – But Seriously, Folks… to burn. I was instantly in love with the record. Skip forward to now when I finally find a good clean vinyl copy on eBay and find out that it is one of those few albums that lends itself to vinyl with majesty. Not that I’m bothered that I didn’t get this record sooner but more I’m damn glad I can now sit down and have my mind blown by this classic album. The overall richness of this album is incredible. To have been completely wasted most of his career, Joe Walsh was amazingly artful and articulate.

The other day I was having a conversation with the guy who originally turned me on to Joe Walsh and I was telling him that this album is one more rocking track away from  rock perfection. Not to knock this record because in the last few years it has moved comfortably into my top albums of all time. It feels like home to me in a way that would say I had been listening to it since I was a teen.

I hope in posting this that maybe one person who would never give something like this a listen might give it a try. I did and it proved to be something spectacular.

If you haven’t already entered yet, you’ve got 2 weeks until we draw a winner for the black/white marble copy of Most Precious Bloods latest release “Do Not Resuscitate.” Hit the link below for details, rules and how to enter.