This blog used to be on Tumblr. If you want to check that out you can do that by clicking  THIS LINK.

Some of my favorite entries from that version of the blog;

The Trouble With Jane Doe – wrote this one because I was tired of reading the constant bitching by A.D.D. people who didn’t seem to understand that, sometimes, shit happens that goes beyond a persons (or in this case; a labels) control.

Torche (Meanderthal and self titled) – a favorite because I finally got my hands on an original copy of Torche’s monster debut album (the original mix…so awesome)

Hot Water Music (Record Store Day 2010) – the first of (now) four live 7 inches that No Idea has released for one of my all time favorite bands, this is a good one because acquring this record is how I ‘met’ Juan…and laid the ground work for him to ultimately start writing for and contributing to the blog.

Cable (Northern Failure) – just an awesome and creative vinyl release. This one is especially awesome for me because out of the entire press run for this only 10 were made in those white hand made jackets. And, according to the dude who put the record out, only FOUR of those were randomly inserted in mailorders/pre-orders. I got lucky…very lucky.

Converge (Jane Doe 2010 Deluxe Edition – Kings Road merch exclusive) – For almost 10 years, this record has been my elusive White Wale. Thanks to Deathwish I was able to fill that void in my collection.