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It is no secret that I am an über-fanatic of the band 27. They hail from Boston, MA which is by far my favorite city to visit. I have friends there and I try to make it there at least once a year. If you ever find yourself in Boston, make sure to go to The Miracle of Science Café in Cambridge. They have the best food ever!

But I digress. As usual.

My first encounter or rather, acknowledgement of 27 was via another native Boston band, ISIS. When ISISOceanic album came out, I was blown away by the sheer shift in style but also its intricacy and sonically layered feel. One of the standout tracks on the album is “Weight” for not only the way it builds up, but also the way that Maria Christopher’s (27’s vocalist and guitarist) vocals add a depth to the song. Listed on the album credits are both Maria and Ayal Naor, also in 27, who contributed vocals and guitars to “Weight”, and also “The Beginning and the End” and “Carry”.

So I was in search mode to find out more about these two musicians and how they tied in with ISIS. This all led to their band 27. I believe the first album I picked up of their was the Let The Light In EP released by Hydra Head. It was a great introduction to the band and as an added bonus for me, the track “April” featured ISIS’ Aaron Turner on backing vocals. Unfortunately the EP is the only release from 27 that has not received the vinyl treatment. I am though, trying my damndest to convince Hydra Head to press it.

So far in my journey of listening to 27, I have been lucky enough to have attained all of their releases. In the process, I have also been able to make friends not only with the band, but also with other fans and people involved with their releases.

27‘s music is hard to really categorize. They have a style reminiscent to Portishead but not as electronic-y and also akin to Mazzy Star but not as mellow and subtle. They definitely have the sonic ambience of ISIS but with more of a pop sensibility. On their Facebook page, they list one of their genres as “Dark Pop”…I think that best describes them. It’s up to the listener to put their own interpretation of the music. Can “AWESOME” be a genre category anyways?

So without further a due…and what promises to be a lengthy entry…here is a look at 27’s discography in release order…as best as I know.

Songs From The Edge Of The Wing 12” – Clear. Released by Escape Artist, but you will notice the Relapse logo on the release also who the band were signed with at the time. Unsure of the pressing but I somehow think it’s out 500.



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Album – First and Second

Artist – Baroness

Purchased FromRobotic Empire

Baroness is, without a doubt, one of (if not THE) hottest bands in the land of underground metal. Well, if you want to consider a band that’s coming off opening for a revitalized Metallica on their recent Australia run ‘underground’ anymore. Their last two albums  (‘Red Album’ and ‘Blue Album’) are not only classics but two of the most coveted pieces of vinyl for a lot of collectors to get their hands on. So, when Hyperrealist announced they’d be repressing the bands first 2 EPs on one handy record you know damn well people got excited. If you’re not familiar with the releases musically they have that familiar Baroness feel/sound but lyrically it’s a lot more harsh/gruff. Very solid releases and a must for anyone who’s into Baroness but might not have been familiar with their early work.

As for the releases themselves, I’ll turn it over to what Hyperrealist had to say about them;

After several pressings of the original EP releases and a little time spent out of print, here they are released together on one LP – remixed, remastered and better than ever. The art and packaging here is very similar to the CD reissue that came out last year with a gatefold jacket, matte varnish and foil stamps. 2,000 copies were pressed in this pressing – 1,000 black, 500 opaque red and 500 olive green.

I snagged one of the Olive greens but, after getting it I’ve got to say it’s more of an Olive green swirl of sorts. No big deal, I think it looks pretty bad ass regardless. It is also worth mentioning that these come in a gatefold that does a really good job of incorporating the artwork into the overall design of that. Overall a REALLY good release by the gang at Hyerrealist and a must have if you’re into heavy music even a little bit.

Big Boi

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Album – The Son Of Dusty Chico

Artist – Big Boi

Purchased From – Hot Topic (why am I giving these bozos any credit)

I want to first start by saying that I think Outkast were one of the best rap groups in the history of hip hop.  I love that band and I have a strong sentimental attachment to that group. That said, I was not a big fan of Speakerboxxx, Big Boi’s first attempt at working solo. It wasn’t bad , it just wasn’t up to the standards of Outkast. This records on the other hand is fantastic. Other than the occasional of crappy guest or lame hook, this albums smokes.

Thus far I would rate this as the best rap record I’ve heard this year. The one other thing that might be close to that top spot is the new Eligh album called GreyCrow. Also a fantastic album with amazing beats and rhymes. Anyway, back on subject, Big Boi hit a home run. This records is the shit and my girlfriend says that it’s better than most Outkast albums. Though I can’t quite go that far, the girl knows her music.

I really don’t like the alternative art work but I am a massive fan of the sweet white vinyl.


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Album – Too big a lie/Pathless land 7″

Artist – Frodus

Purchased From – Lovitt Records

Talk about not missing a beat. Frodus broke up like ten years ago and now they drop this 7″ out of nowhere and it’s like they never left. Frodus are one of those Lovitt Record bands that blew me away years back and apparently still have what it takes. Great records and I really hope they make a full length and repress their last album on vinyl.

Trap Them

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Album – Filth Rations

Artist – Trap Them

Purchased From – Trade

I remember when Southern Lord announced they’d be releasing the next in the line of Trap Them releases that I was really stoked. Then the album went up on their store and I was less than stoked at the price. I don’t remember exactly what that price was, but I remember thinking it was ridiculously absurd for a 4 song EP. Don’t get me wrong, I love Trap Them but every man has his limits when it comes to these kinds of things. Yes, I realize the irony of that statement considering that I bought the new Torche album, which was essentially an EP, at an even more ridiculous price…but I digress.

This was one of two records I scored in a trade I worked out recently through the Vinyl Collective board, so, it really didn’t cost me anything but the cost of Media Mail shipping to send the record I traded to the guy I traded with.

Overall the packaging here is pretty standard fare, but the artwork is pretty wicked. Don’t kn0w what the pressing info is on this one but I can tell you this; the record itself is pressed on some really heavy duty black vinyl (might be 180gram, I’m n0t sure) and has the artwork etched to the otherwise blank B-side. Overall I’m really happy to have this record and especially happy I was able to get it via a trade.

Chris Wollard and the Ship Thieves

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Album – ‘Anybody Else’ b/w ‘ Left To Lose’

Artist – Chris Wollard and The Ship Thieves

Purchased From – No Idea webstore

This record was put together as an ‘exclusive’ for No Idea yearly get together/party “Fest.” This was one of the few leftovers that they must have set aside for the webstore before Fest, I had a friend of mine who was working that gig look into getting me one but by the time he made it to the merch table the supply they had on hand for Fest had already sold out.

I really enjoy what Chris is doing in his post HWM life. Everybody goes gaga for what Chuck’s been doing post-HWM but, having always had a soft spot in my heart for Chris’s contributions to the HWM dynamic (he had the lead vocal on my favorite HWM song, ‘Our Own Way’, afterall) I’m really digging his solo stuff.

This release is hand numbered 375 out of 500 and was pressed on ‘dirty white.’

Hot Water Music

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Album – Live In Chicago Volume 4

Artist – Hot Water Music

Purchased From – No Idea webstore

The latest in the ongoing batch of 7 inches No Idea is putting out covering a Hot Water Music show in Chicago.  This has been a very solid on going series of releases by the always dependable No Idea, I’m so glad I’ve been able to keep the collection of these releases complete (with a BIG Record Store Day assist from Juan.)

At this point, I don’t even want to speculate how deep this series will run, it’s obviously been a profitable run on these releases for No Idea so I’m sure they’ll keep pumping them out, at least until they’ve covered the entire set list of that night.

As has been the case with the previous three releases in this series, this is limited to 1000. It’s on a really solid clear green.

Jay Reatard

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Album – Watch Me Fall

Artist – Jay Reatard

Purchased From – Amazon/CDnow

This post is about a year too late and I know I’m super not cool for posting something so painfully dated but hey, fuck you. Anyway, this record was the record last year that blew me away and probably deserves to be in some kind of punk rock hall of fame because it is a pure classic. It’s a fucking shame that Jay Reatard had to croak and not continue making mind blowing music like this album. I’m sure that were he to have stuck around he would have surely gone down as one of the best of all time if he continued on the musical path he was on.

I’ve never really seen someone so adept at creating music that is both completely garagy and completely accessible to a larger audience. These songs are gems and the fact that dude just sat around and recorded everything his self is a feat in its own. And though he would probably puke to hear me say this, I think Jay Reatard was kind of like a punk Jimi Hendrix in his death and what came after it. It is pretty sad that  Jay Reatard’s seemed to have discovered his peak sound at the very end.

I was kind of late in the game discovering Jay Reatard. Mostly because he was talked about on a lot back when all they talked about was singer songwriters and I wasn’t even remotely interested in that shit during the period they were talking about him. It’s quite the shame because his brand if punk is right up my alley and I would have been buying all his stuff before it went crazy on eBay.

I got a pretty sweet amazon gift certificate for my birthday so I picked this up on vinyl. The album, like a couple of the others I ordered was surprisingly on 180 gram vinyl so it sounds like a dream. If you don’t have this record and you like punk you are sorely missing out.

Sorry I left the plastic on but I do that with some records.

Halloween has come and gone.

Some record labels took advantage of the day and offered up a few surprises and special sales. There was a lot for a lot of people. Organized Crime Records, who have been reissuing all of INTEGRITY‘s catalog,  put up a mysterious limited package and only cryptic info was posted:

1- One of the items in the set is a shirt so you can pick your proper size.
2- There will be about 75 sets sold.
3- The items in this set are limited to this package deal only and have not been available before. Once they sell out they will not be available again.

No other info. Nada. Zilch.

INTEGRITY being of the best (and still-running) hardcore bands out there is no stranger to mysterious and always interesting releases. So this was a no-brainer for diehard Integ fans.

So these finally arrived and much to a lot of people’s surprise…all 75 of us…this package was well-worth it.