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Album – Songs For Singles

Artist – Torche

Purchased From – Hydra Head e-store

The much discussed vinyl version of the latest Torche offering finally crossed into my mailbox today and, I have to admit, I’m a bit underwhelmed and more than a bit aggravated.

I was ready to forgive Hydra Head for charging $20 dollars for what is essentially an EP (the album clocks in at about 20 minutes and change) because I really do like the music. And I could justify the expense to myself because I couldn’t NOT have the album, I have every other Torche release on vinyl so I wanted it to keep the ‘collection’ full AND I do love the hell out of Torche.  The vinyl itself is pretty heavy duty, not 180g heavy duty (:Editors Note: – after posting this, Nick and I got into a discussion via text messasge on whether or not this actually IS 180g. I haven’t seen anything anywhere that says it is, but Nick says it’s just as heavy duty as 180g record he happened to be listening to the day his copy of this showed up. So, basically, if anybody knows for sure if this is 180g leave a comment and let us know. Thanks) but not cheap and flimsy either. So, I was ready to add another check mark in the ‘reasons I love Torche and Hydra Head’ category.

Then I went to open the packaging.

Look, I appreciate creativity…whether it’s in the music an artist creates or in the packaging said music comes in. But whoever had the idea (be it somebody in the band or someone at the label…whoever it was) to put this thing in a SEALED envelope really dropped the ball. I don’t mean the outer plastic sleeve that the album came in…I mean the actual outer sleeve of the record is a sealed damn paper envelope! Look what happens when you try to open it (click on the image to see the full, hi res results);

Look, I’m not a ‘flipper’ who gets pissed when anything happens to any part of a record or record packaging because it might affect my ability to get top dollar off some schmuck on eBay. I am, however, VERY O.C.D. about the condition of things I buy. I put money into something (whether it’s a record, a video game, a book – yes, I still actually buy books. screw an e-reader – my blackberry, etc) so I make absolutely sure it stays in the absolute best condition possible. So, to end up with something like this is just beyond aggravating for me. Maybe it’s not for you, and if that’s the case that’s fine. But I’d be doing myself, and this blogs readers, a disservice if I didn’t point these things out.

Anyway, to see what the rest of the record and packaging looks like check the pics below. This is on clear pink/white swirl marble. No idea what the pressing info on this one is but I’m almost positive it’s the second rarest variant behind the Teal variant that Vacation Vinyl had for sale exclusively.

  1. Chris Morin says:

    Yes! Nailed it right on the head! I also fall into the category of someone who listens to the records but is concerned with packaging condition. This record SOUNDS amazing, but I am, essentially, left with an LP with a ripped, fucked-up cover.


  2. 10000% agree with you. Torche is one of my favorite bands, and this packaging drove me insane.

  3. Nick_J says:

    I think everyone feels the same about this record. I don’t know if anyone remembers the Born Against/UAO split form back in the day and it was the same way. I had this friend who was tore the shit out of his cause we were kids and he had no patients.

  4. John Yoss says:

    and the CD (cost of about .18 cents to make) is even worse! A cheap card-stock, pocket with a slapped-on stock font…..for $13.00 bucks! It’s just one giant HHR “FUCK YOU” to Torche fans (and yeah the songs are good, all 20 minutes of ’em). The clusterfuck of the LP is just the last straw.

  5. Eressea says:

    Thanks for the heads up. I love Torche and the the songs I heard so far are amazing.
    I heard bad things about the packaging but this confirms it. I’ll still probably pick one up though cause it’s torche.

  6. Nick says:

    Yeah I bought a couple but those cats need to work on their pricing. They are still my favorite label but the prices just seem to keep going up.

  7. Huggies says:

    Man, no kidding. I spent about 10 minutes trying to figure out how to open the damned thing before just slitting it open with a knife. Way, way lame.

    Compare that to Meanderthal which is possibly one of the coolest-packaged records I own.

  8. […] Shake-It Records -Torche “Songs For Singles” I’d love to know why this album was $22 Hydrahead (dollar a minute?). Torche is one of my absolute favorite bands, but this packaging broke my heart. I get the concept (a big greeting card), but really…you make me have to TEAR open the sleeve? The CD packaging is just a cardboard sleeve at full price too. When i see Southern Lord or Deathwish doing nice vinyl and packaging at an affordable price…it just makes me shake my head at Hydrahead. Our good buddies over at TheyStillPressVinyl have some pictures to show the ‘tear open’ fuckery and share a similar opinion… check it out HERE […]

  9. todd says:

    we gave it a positive review packaging and all on our site

    reminded me of rocket from the crypt’s cut carefully and play loud 12″ which i also butchered when opening. i kinda like it though. gives it character and doesn’t hurt the quality or condition of the actual vinyl. definitely agree the price was a little much though. but i’ll throw down for torche any day.

  10. James says:

    I’m not trying to sound like a dick, the packaging is a bit suspect, but a letter opener or x-acto knife will cure any tearing that you may encounter.

  11. Patrick says:

    mine came with a Torche letter opener for the purpose of opening this. i bought mine straight from the band and was handed a letter opener though so im guessing you didnt get one if you ordered it online.

  12. […] sound fantastic, but look absolutely incredible (see: Torche,Meanderthal, & In Return). But early recipients of the album reported the record coming in a sealed paper envelope, a cheesy greeting card style […]

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