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Being a Pearl Jam fan can be a pain in the ass if you’re also a vinyl collector. All of the band’s releases have always been available on vinyl in varying quantities. Some are easy to get and always readily available (Ten for example) while others are super-limited and can be pricey now (Live at Benaroya Hall).

So when it came time for there to be a vinyl release of Eddie Vedder‘s Into The Wild LP soundtrack for the film, it quickly fell into that latter category. Limited to 1,000 copies, released by Monkeywrench Records, it also included a bonus 7″. I initially became aware of the LP being available for sale when Aural Exploits announced the pre-order for it. The LP was also available via Ten Club, Pearl Jam‘s fanclub. Needless to say, thanks to all the rabid Pearl Jam fans out there, it sold out with the quickness.

As expected, people started flipping these on eBay and fetching prices up into the $300-$400 range. Yowza!

Thankfully, earlier this year Music On Vinyl came along and announced a reissuing/repressing of the LP. Great news for people who missed on the initial go-around and didn’t want to drop $300 for an OG copy. According to their site, “Music on Vinyl is a vinyl only record label that releases high quality 180g LP and 7″ vinyl pressings of titles licensed from a wide range of record companies and artists who control their own repertoire. These will be both re-issues of classic titles, or a simultaneous vinyl release to compliment a CD/DVD release. These will all be marketed under the Music on Vinyl brand, which vinyl lovers worldwide recognize as a trusted name providing a superb LP vinyl product.”

They sure as hell went all out with the Into The Wild reissue. The packaging is identical to the OG with the label stamps and logos to differentiate. The vinyl itself is heavyweight 180gram. The large-sized booklet is also identical to the original in its full-color and artful glory.



Pre-orders for Most Precious Blood‘s Do Not Resuscitate LP are up now over at Morse Recording’s webstore. Link here.

150 on Black and White Marble Vinyl
350 on Green and Black Marble Vinyl
500 on Clear Vinyl

If you haven’t already, you can check out the first song released from the album, “A Danger To Myself and Others”, by hitting the Soundcloud file below.

Modern Hell

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Since I started this blog on Tumblr (and by later adding a Twitter feed) I’ve had the opportunity to make some e-friends/acquaintances that, aside from being awesome people, will sometimes send me records. We’re talking about DIY labels and bands so a lot of times they need all the pub they can get and I’m pretty much always willing to oblige. Whether they’re punk, hardcore, metal, rock and roll, alt country, electronica…doesn’t matter. This update qualifies as one of those cases.

Modern Hell is, by their own description, a “hardcore/punk/metal” band out of the Nashville, TN area. Their singer, Alex, has been following the blog and the blog twitter feed for a while now. He contacted me not to long ago about sending me a copy of their upcoming self released 7″ – “Cult Hazing” – and asked for my address.

Right off the bat, this package wins because they put some creativity into their mailers;

Nice change from the army of plain, brown or white mailers that people use. Anyway, I open the package and find two copies of ‘Cult Hazing’

The first thing that jumps out at me is the depth and detail put into this package. Hand screen printed and completely DIY (you can see some of the ‘in progress’ pics of the process of creating these on the bands Tumblr page) you really have to hand it to the Modern Hell gang; they’re going all out to catch people’s attention with this release.

As for the records themselves, they come in opaque yellow (200 pressed) and classic black (100 pressed);

All in all a great amount of work was put into this, but how’s the music? Isn’t that what matters most??  While I might not listen to a lot of this particular style and genre anymore I do like to break out some of it on occasion. Modern Hell (and especially this album) will be making it into my normal iPod rotation without a doubt. Yeah, I’m partial to people who send me stuff for free but even considering that these guys do what they do really well and if you’re even remotely into modern hardcore you really need to check them out.

As an added bonus, Alex sent me a hand assembled and limited edition version of their “Dead Art” CDEP

Kerosene 454

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Album – Two for Flinching

Artist – Kerosene 454

Purchased From – eBay

The first record on the deceased Art Monk Construction label was the Morgantown, WV band Lincoln’s split with Hoover. This label put out a bunch of bands that come through town when I was coming up. I’ve been trying to get all the records from this label and scored this one off of ebay the other day. I’d still like to get their full lengths but Ive never even seen them on eBay. I look all the time and have for years.

If you aren’t familiar with Kerosene 454, they are one of the best DC emo/indie rock bands of that era. I remember seeing them and just getting rocked. They were that wall of noise intensity of a Drive Like Jehu with more melody and dynamics. The type of rock that lends itself perfectly to being played live.

Here’s a song someone put up on youtube.

Album – split

Artist(s) – Hot Water Music and The Bouncing Souls

Purchased FromChunksahh Records

A couple weeks ago I posted about orders going live for this record. I’ve got to say, the description included there didn’t even begin to do the record justice.  The packaging, with it’s foil stamping and heavy stock paper, is great and very sturdy. And the vinyl itself looks pretty good (although I’m starting to feel the multicolor swirl ‘thing’ is getting a little out of control) and overall it’s just a great package at a fantastically cheap price.


I’m not detailing my copies of the repress of the TorcheHealer / Across the Shields 12″+DVD repress. Not yet at least.

Just informing all of y’all that Hydra Head has gone ahead and repressed it. Two new colors for this repressing: pink and clear.

You can get your hands on them over at the Hydra Head Webstore.

In addition, Hydra Head has gotten a few copies signed by the four members who performed on the record. Here’s what they wrote up on their blog:

“A few signed copies have been mixed in randomly at the Hydra Head Shop, so order it there and you might be one of the lucky recipients. They were signed by all four members who appeared on the release, during their L.A. tour stop with Clouds a couple years ago.”


Get ’em while you can!

“Stealing pictures from Hydra Head since 1995”

Album(s) – 2010 Demons & Closed

Artist – Drag The River

Purchased From – trade and Vinyl Collective Limited Pressing Store

Recently worked out a trade for a couple things with Virgil from Vinyl Collective/Suburban Home, one of them was this copy of ‘Closed.’ While waiting for those to come in (one of the record I traded for was still at the pressing plant, we’ll cover that record later) I ended up ordering a couple things from the previously mentioned store, one of them was 2010 Demons.

Drag The River is one of those bands I’ve discovered in the last year that is always in heavy rotation on my iPod, so getting the chance to add a couple more of their records to my collection (I already have 2 of their 7 inches in my collection; Can’t Leave These Strays and Garage Rock) is a good thing. If you’re not familiar with them; they’re either a rock and roll band, an alt country band, or post-punk country rock (I just made that term up to see if you were paying attention)…depends on your perspective I guess. Great music for sitting around with a beer (or three) and a smoke and just unwinding.

“2010 Demons” is pressed on classic black, limited to 500. “Closed” is on ‘whiskey coke’, limited to 150.


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Album – The Shape of Punk To Come

Artist – Refused

Purchased From – Trade

Hands down one of the best punk, hardcore, rock albums of the last 20 years (if not of all time) I was pretty stoked when Epitaph announced they were releasing an expanded vinyl edition with bonus tracks and all kinds of goodies. But, for some reason, I never actually got around to buying a copy. Recently, the chance came up to swing a trade for a copy on the Vinyl Collective boards so I jumped at it. Glad I did, this is an excellent looking album that is almost as awesome as the music etched into that vinyl.



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Album – No One Deserves To Be Here More Than Me

Artist – Blacklisted

Purchased From – Deathwish Inc

Over the last year and change of buying vinyl regularly instead of sporadically I’ve really narrowed my focus on what I’ll buy and really don’t do the ‘collecting’ thing. I never really saw the point in owning 6 copies of the same record, they all play the same afterall. But while I might occasionally buy a variant if I like the color or design (if it’s one of those marble swirl or splatter deals for example) I don’t make it a point to buy all the variants of a particular record.

Except when it comes to Blacklisted.

My love of Blacklisted is well documented here, so it should come as no surprise that news of a 2nd pressing of their latest album got me to fire up the Paypal and send some of my disposable income to Jake, Tre and Co. up at Deathwish. The first pressings of this record, on it’s multiple splatter variations, caught a lot of flack for the design/color choices of the vinyl (not nearly as much flack as they caught for the direction they took musically on the record though) but with this second press they went with a straight, opaque orange that probably looks better than all the first pressings with the exception of the straight black.

These are limited to 1,000



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Album – First 4 EP’s

Artist – Off!

Purchased From – Interpunk

One of the first punk albums I ever bought was Black Flag – Everything Went Black. On that album I was always obsessed with the Keith Morris material, so much to the point where I never really got into the Rollins era records. I always thought that Black Flag’s music matched Morris’ vocals so perfectly. A year later a friend of mine played me Circle Jerks and I couldn’t help but notice that the singer sounded like the dude from Black Flag. After being torn apart for not doing my punk rock homework I was told that is was the same guy and he was in fact a punk rock legend, Keith Morris.

Cut to this year when I hear Keith Morris has a new band with Dimitri Coats (Burning Brides), Steven McDonald (Redd Kross), and Mario Rubalcaba (Earthless/Hot Snakes/Rocket From the Crypt). I could only think that this sounded like a really good idea. After a few minutes I found a couple sound clips and I was blown away at how much they reminded me of Black Flag. Vicious punk rock that should be every kids introduction to the style.

I went to Interpunk and they had a pre-order set up for a 4 – 7″ box set due out in early November, this was early October I did all this. Anyway, In early November I get an email from Interpunk saying that they got the boxes in early but they are all screwed up. Long story short they push the release back another month. It finally showed up this week and it was totally worth the wait. Though the practicality of a 4 seven inch box set isn’t all that, the aesthetic is totally sick  for this sweet looking set. Here’s to hoping that they package this all on one disc some day.

Overall, if you even have the slightest though about getting this, do it! It is an instant punk classic.

Here’s a little clip I found of which there are many.