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We wrapped up Contest Number 2 over the weekend and it’s time to launch Contest Number 3.

As Juan told you over at The 1st Five, Do Not Resuscitate finds Most Precious Blood doing what they do best: keeping hardcore real and proving that they are royalty in the scene. 5 years out of ‘the game’ did nothing to dull their edge.

Thanks to our friends at MorseCode Recordings we have a copy of the rarest version (black and white marble. only 150 pressed) of the new Most Precious Blood album to give away!(For pictures and details of the LP, hit up our original post about that very version HERE).

As before, it’s really simple to get entered; just send an email to: theystillpressvinyl [at] gmail dot com with your name in the subject line and that’s it. Only one entry per person/email address and you agree,  by entering the contest, that you are ok with us giving your email address to MorseCode Recordings for their mailing list. Any other questions about rules can be answered HERE.

The contest will run from today until Saturday, March 26th at Midnight Eastern Standard Time.

Get those entries in! Good luck!


Contest Number 2 Winner

Posted: February 21, 2011 by They Still Press Vinyl in Contests, Record Nerds
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Saturday night wrapped up our New Lows LP contest, in conjunction with Deathwish Inc, and we had a TON of entries from all over the world. Literally. But, there can be only one winner. Now, as some of you noted we changed our original rules early on but some of you still went ahead and sent us pictures of your favorite records. We appreciated that and will absolutely be running those pictures at a later date.

Like we said, there can be only one winner and that winner was drawn at random out of all the entries we received so everybody had an equal chance of winning this thing.

And that winner is…

Jason Hanshaw

Congrats, Jason! We will be getting in touch with you shortly to find out where to mail the record to.

We want to take a second to thank Deathwish Inc. for not only giving us this rare record to give away but also for their help in promoting the contest. And of course I want to thank all of you, the readers, for taking the time to drop us an entry.

We have contest #3 lined up and ready to go. In fact, look for details on that one coming later today. We’re pretty happy with this one and we think you will be too! Look for that to be live thus afternoon or early this evening.

Ortofon OM 10 Super

Posted: February 20, 2011 by Nick_J in Random

I hated the stock cartridge that came with my Music Hall USB 1 Turntable and after a few months I started noticing some distortion on acoustic recordings. I’d been wanting to replace the stock cartridge from day one but I hadn’t so the distortion and some spare cash gave me the kick in the ass I needed to get a nicer set up.  I really didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg since this isn’t the highest of quality turntables. I knew of the Ortofon OM 10 Super from discussions on hi-fi forums. I knew that it was one of the best sub $100 cartridges money could buy. I asked Needle Doctor via email for their advice and they suggest the exact thing I was thinking.

This thing was super easy to set up. It seriously took like five minutes. The first thing I tried it out on was the Ben Nichols LP that I got recently. It was the record that I had initially experienced the distortion on with the old cartridge. I found out that the distortion was in the recording to some degree. The distortion was less but still there on S’s of some vocals, not nearly as bad though. The second record I played was Ryan Adams – 29. If you want to show off a turntables dynamic range, this is the record to play. The song Night Birds in particular is haunting and has all kinds of stuff to pick up.

Overall this cartridge sounds phenomenal! It destroys the stock Audio Technica that came with my turntable.If you want a sub $100 cartridge this is the one to buy.

Album – Gold

Artist – Ryan Adams

Purchased FromElusive Disc

Lost Highway Records, one of the best labels of the last decade or so, is celebrating its 10 year anniversary in 2011 by releasing some of the best albums they’ve released over that decade on limited (1,000 of each pressed) clear vinyl as a thank you to fans. First up, the album that arguably put Lost Highway on the map; Ryan Adams second release ‘Gold.’

We’ve already covered Gold here once before and there’s not much different going on here compared to what Nick talked about; still a double 12″ and still a non-gatefold packaging (my biggest pet peeve with records; double albums in non-gatefolds.) And, like that release, this one has the bonus tracks that were only available on the 2 disc CD release from 2001 (which I have…somewhere in my mountain of CDs.)

While I’m happy to finally have this record on vinyl (it’s one of my all time favorites) I’m a bit disappointed that Lost Highway didn’t do something more with the release. If  it’s a special shout out to the fans for 10 years of support then give us something different, or at the very least give us a gatefold with expanded artwork…something to make it standout from previous releases other than pressing it on clear vinyl.

Not necessarily a “review” of a record, this is to give y’all the headsup that the long-awaited and rumored re-release of Coheed and Cambria‘s Second Stage Turbine Blade LP is here. For pre-orders at least. Back in October, I did a  run-through of the band’s discography including SSTB which had been only available as an import and out of print for quite some time. It has been repressed and here are the details:


The Second Stage Turbine Blade (Original Studio Recording) – now available on vinyl in the US for the very first time!!!

Bundle includes:
-1 SSTB Full Album on 180 Gram Transparent Green Vinyl
-1 Exclusive 7″ (IRO-Bot b/w Elf Tower, NM)
-1 Neverender: SSTB Exclusive Hand-stamped Lithograph Poster (First 1000 will be signed by the band)
-1 VIP Laminate w/ Early Entry to SSTB shows!

LP Tracklisting:
1. Second Stage Turbine Blade
2. Time Consumer
3. Devil In Jersey City
4. Everything Evil
5. Delirium Trigger
6. Hearshot Kid Disaster
7. 33
8. Junesong Provision
9. Neverender
10. God Send Conspirator

7″ Tracklisting:
1. IRO-Bot
2. Elf Tower, NM

Click here for the direct link at MerchNow to order. Be warned though, the pre-order went live today at 12noon EST and it took some people close to 1 hour to place their orders after system/page errors and re-loading. I guess MerchNow underestimated the traffic their servers encountered. Coheed fanboys and fangirls are hardcore that way. They crash servers. Ha!

But if you don’t want to be bothered with all the extra stuff and just want the vinyl itself, Amazon has it available for pre-orders as well. Click here then for just the vinyl.

Good luck!

Hardcore is a pain in the ass genre to be into. Not only are you stuck with the insanity of variants and limited pressings by your favorite bands, but also at times it seems that every hardcore band sounds the same as others. At times I get stuck in ruts where there is not a single new band that really gets my attention. But then again, I’m not easily impressed by a lot of bands nowadays anyways.

Rot In Hell are one of those bands that got my interest quick but yet I didn’t really pursue much of their stuff. I had heard a few songs from prior releases but didn’t buy. Not too sure why. When Deathwish announced they’d be releasing their new album, As Pearls Before Swine, and I saw the cover artwork, I was hooked. There was something about the meanness of the art that got my interest. Who doesn’t like mummified rat skeletons? But this brought me back to the days when I worked at a music store and bought a few albums solely on the cover art and not have heard a single note by the band.


Album – Four Hundred Years

Artist – Four Hundred Years

Purchased From – eBay

Everyone has their list of records they have been hunting for through the years. Mine isn’t all that big because I’m just not willing to part with a bunch of money off of ebay for the chance to buy a record that might not even sound good. All that said, this Four Hundred Years record was super high on my list. I’ve been trying to find a reasonable copy of this record for the better part of 10 years. Last week I got this for under $5 bucks which if you know Four Hundred Years stuff on ebay is a miracle.

I first heard this record when my friend Ryan drove us to Baltimore to see his friend Drew’s band Torn Apart play. While we were at Drew’s house I was going through his 7″s dubbing them on to tapes to play later. One of the first things I picked up was this Four Hundred Years record. I was goddamn blown away and became a massive fan instantly. He played it off like they were no big deal, just a friends band. Wrong! They were more than a big deal and are one of the best Hardcore bands ever. Enjoy the pics.

Album – Trompe Le Monde

Artist – Pixies

Purchased From – No Idea Records

In case you folks didn’t know, No Idea Records has all of the Pixies stuff on 180 Gram vinyl right now for $12.50. Super deal on on any 180 Gram vinyl but especially in this case. I already had Doolittle and Bossanova that I got a few years back on this same heavy vinyl. It’s almost kind of funny that I don’t already own this record cause it’s my favorite Pixies album and the Pixies are  one of my favorite bands.  I know everyone goes crazy for Doolittle and Surfer Rosa and whatnot but this album is so complete for me. Just a perfect alignment of awesomeness. Not that there is bad production on any Pixies album but this one is just perfect.  This 180 gram copy sounds magnificent.

27 – Try/Night tour 7″ Test Press

Posted: February 5, 2011 by Juan D. in Record Nerds
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This one started with a bit of fanaticism. I’ve already made it known how much of a fan I am for the band 27 in a prior post.

It actually all started less than two years ago with my friend Marcus. A while back, he had posted on his blog about finding a copy of the 27 “Try”/”Night” tour 7” test press on eBay. He found it by pure chance and knowing that I’m also a huge fan of the band, made mention of that on his post. I had a slight Diva moment at his luck. I was in full search mode now. At the time I had a decent relationship with a few of the guys at Hydra Head and promptly sent emails out asking if anyone could help me track a copy down. At first there seemed to be some success but it turned out to be fickle as what I ended up receiving was he regular 7”. Still limited and hard to find but I was still let down. I gave up hope on finding the test press and just let it go.

Fast forward to mid-2010 and I had been corresponding with Aaron Turner of ISIS for some time about his new label, Sige, and some of the new releases he was going to be putting out. I casually asked him if by chance he happened to have any copies of the test press. Sure enough he said he did and would check first. Well. As you can now see, I have a copy of this elusive test press.


Album – The Last Pale Light in The West

Artist – Ben Nichols

Purchased From No Idea Records

If you have never listened to the solo debut of Lucero’s Ben Nichols, do yourself a favor and check it out. Released in 2008 and inspired by the Cormac McCarthy novel “Blood Meridian”, these 7 songs find Nichols at his stripped down best showcasing that undeniable voice that, through it’s 3 packs of Marlboros and a fifth of cheap whiskey crackling, expressed as much raw emotion as anybody else you’re likely to find in modern music.

After almost two years as a CD and digital only release, Sabot Productions announced in late 2010 that the record would finally get a vinyl release. The packaging is simple and to the point, but does feature a full color inner sleeve with all new artwork. I’m not entirely sure what the pressing numbers on this are (various sources have various numbers) but this particular one is a really sturdy 180 gram black that really does the music justice. Kudos to Sabot for such a quality release of such a great album that was long overdue for a vinyl pressing.