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It’s already evident that I’m either listening to a lot shoegaze and fuzz-pop bands as of late. Just exploring what else is out there besides hardcore and metal. Always been the case with me. I’m all over the place.

Pity Sex is one of those fuzz-pop shoegaze style bands that I’ve been into a lot. They just released their second album Feast of Love on Run For Cover Records. RFC has been killing it lately with some great bands they’ve been releasing. It’s rare for a label to be consistent with great releases that not only cover different styles and sounds but are also solid and good.

The Feast of Love release has been a bit of a mess. Well, not really but there has been some snafus along the way. Four colors were announced right out the gate for it. And an exclusive color for Hot Topic. Somewhere along the way amidst some confusion, one of the more limited colors (Peach w/ Red Haze out of 400) ended up being sent to Hot Topic instead of the label and thusly those who ordered that /400 color were not getting it. Scramble the damage control and now a sixth color, Lilac, was done to fill those orders. And as expected, this caused a stir and some commotion for completist assholes (like myself) in tracking down that now-new HT color. Some were sent to stores while there was a chance that if ordered online, you’d get one.

I happened to be in the area of my closest HT and decided to pop in and check it out. Lo and behold they had four copies on hand. I grabbed the two with the least amount of jacket damage and lucked out with the variant I was tracking down.


So while I wait for the actual order from RFC, Pity Sex had a record release show in their hometown and I had found pretty early on that they were planning to have a special version of the record. They were considering doing a special screened cover for it. Works for me. It would set the release apart and make it special. But how would I get my hands on a copy? Put the word out that I was looking for it and if anyone going to the show would mind picking me up a copy. Sure enough, a fellow record nerd went to the show and snagged be a copy.

As a sidenote. I may be a mod in one of the largest record message boards out there and kinda sorta known for my writings in The 1st Five, but that doesn’t mean shit. At least to me it doesn’t. I’m just some random fanboy at the end of the day. But it is cool when someone does recognize and know who I am. I always find it surprising.

So yeah. I got lucky with the hook-up for a show release version of the LP.

It’s a screened cover with the date and numbering on the back that wraps around the LP jacket itself. The vinyl color is the most common Clear Green out of 1,000.





So that’s it.

Record release show version secured.

As of right now we’re all waiting for the pre-order copies to start shipping. But that got delayed due to the aforementioned snafu. It’s all good.

This record is pretty great and well worth the wait. But by now anyone who wants to hear it already has. And you know it’s awesome.