Nothing – Guilty Of Everything

Posted: March 15, 2014 by Juan D. in Record Nerds
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Ya know. This is one of those albums that I have been eagerly anticipating since it had been announced and even more so after seeing the band last year with Whirr in Tampa. Needless to say, expectations were high for this. And this sure as hell delivered. Nothing have upped the ante from their previous recordings and hit one out of the park with Guilty Of Everything.

I can spare you all the details and review-like nonsense. If you’ve listened to this album and band, then you know. But hey, if you feel inclined to read  more clinical approach for a review, peep this here then.

The album itself is awesome. Design-wise and packaging are sparse and minimal which hints at allowing the music to speak for itself. That’s the kind of stuff I love about some releases. Let’s not get too hung up on cover art or design but instead focus on the music. The cover itself is simple in  the embossed white flag. It works.




Three editions/colors made for this one. The white vinyl with regular cover. Also on black vinyl. And a more deluxe edition that has a wraparound o-card and the vinyl is a white and black split. It also came with a slipmat.





As with any and all Relapse Records releases, there is always elusive clear vinyl edition limited to 100 which is always for bands and employees of the label. Every so often some pop up on eBay and Discogs at absurd prices.

And speaking of Relapse. Some people have taken it upon themselves to shit all over the band because they are with Relapse, a predominantly metal and heavy music label. Why get so wrapped up in that detail? Sure, it’s an odd signing choice, but isn’t what matters most is that the band will be on a solid label that will push them and get them greater exposure? Look at a label like Deathwish Inc. They’re purveyors of aggressive music but have also released some non-heavy bands and music. Hell, they put out the Death Of Lovers EP!

Just enjoy the music for what it is. How hard is that?

And oh yeah. The pressing info on this release thus far: Black/White deluxe /500; White /750; Black /1,250; Clear /100.

Get Well.


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