Eddie Vedder – Into The Wild LP Reissue

Posted: December 29, 2010 by Juan D. in Record Nerds
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Being a Pearl Jam fan can be a pain in the ass if you’re also a vinyl collector. All of the band’s releases have always been available on vinyl in varying quantities. Some are easy to get and always readily available (Ten for example) while others are super-limited and can be pricey now (Live at Benaroya Hall).

So when it came time for there to be a vinyl release of Eddie Vedder‘s Into The Wild LP soundtrack for the film, it quickly fell into that latter category. Limited to 1,000 copies, released by Monkeywrench Records, it also included a bonus 7″. I initially became aware of the LP being available for sale when Aural Exploits announced the pre-order for it. The LP was also available via Ten Club, Pearl Jam‘s fanclub. Needless to say, thanks to all the rabid Pearl Jam fans out there, it sold out with the quickness.

As expected, people started flipping these on eBay and fetching prices up into the $300-$400 range. Yowza!

Thankfully, earlier this year Music On Vinyl came along and announced a reissuing/repressing of the LP. Great news for people who missed on the initial go-around and didn’t want to drop $300 for an OG copy. According to their site, “Music on Vinyl is a vinyl only record label that releases high quality 180g LP and 7″ vinyl pressings of titles licensed from a wide range of record companies and artists who control their own repertoire. These will be both re-issues of classic titles, or a simultaneous vinyl release to compliment a CD/DVD release. These will all be marketed under the Music on Vinyl brand, which vinyl lovers worldwide recognize as a trusted name providing a superb LP vinyl product.”

They sure as hell went all out with the Into The Wild reissue. The packaging is identical to the OG with the label stamps and logos to differentiate. The vinyl itself is heavyweight 180gram. The large-sized booklet is also identical to the original in its full-color and artful glory.

The reissue does not included the bonus 7″ that he OG did though. No biggie.

Overall, it’s a great reissue at a much-more affordable price. It should still be widely available at a few online outlets and your local record stores. So get into it.

Oh by the way…if you read this and happen to have the Live at Benaroya Hall 4xLp set and willing to sell (reasonable price) or trade it, get at me: juantspv@gmail.com .

Hey…it’s worth a shot.

  1. David Berry says:

    I know I was chuffed to bits when they announced this, I have a copy sitting in my collection, such a great company, recently bought the Judgement Night OST as well can’t wait to see MOV have for us next. Mad Season is on the way and The Singles OST.

  2. Bernhard says:

    So let me get this straight. Anyone, who bought this for triple digits can now nuy the alsmost identical for regular price? Bad for the collector, good for anyone who doesnt want to waste money. Was about time the did this 🙂

  3. Was searching for this lp online for a nice price, but your pictures make me definitely want to buy it! Great piece, thank you!

  4. Reblogged this on StaySurprised and commented:
    A great article on an awesome lp. How beautiful is it??

  5. Anthony O'Brien says:

    Just received this LP. Beautifully presented, a great addition to my collection.

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