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:EDITORS NOTE: – This is the first contribution to the blog by our newest contributor; Juan. Juan’s collection is MASSIVE and has been known to draw responses of pure jealous from more than one person (including yours truly.) It is also worth noting that while the other contributors to this blog (myself and Nick) own at least 1 copy of the 2010 deluxe edition of Jane Doe, Juan is the only one of us who owns ALL the variants but, more importantly, the only one of us who – so far – has at least 1 copy of the OG 2001 pressing of the album.
Jane Doe.

The name alone brings up different emotions and thoughts depending on who you ask. Uncertainty. Mystery. Darkness. But if you were to bring up the name Jane Doe to any hardcore metal or extreme music fan, you’d more than likely be greeted with a devilish grin and a nod of approval. This is of course in reference to Converge and the title of their fourth album and what many consider to be the band’s magnum opus.

Initially released on September 4, 2001 just days before that tragic day in American history, Jane Doe marked a pinnacle for Converge and extreme music all over. It was an amalgamation of hardcore and metal coupled with aggression and subtleness which opened up the gates for copycats and set the template which others would follow and attempt to emulate. There had been nothing like it before and hasn’t since. Converge set the bar with Jane Doe and no one else has been able to reach it. Originally released on the Equal Vision label, the album received the vinyl treatment in a number of colorways. If you’re a fan, (then again who doesn’t love Converge and this album?) you’re already very familiar with the colors and the demand for this record years later in the collector aftermarket.
Fast forward to 2010 and the time was due for a reissue. Thankfully, the folks at Deathwish Inc., the label co-owned by Converge’s Jake Bannon, announced they’d be handling the vinyl reissue. The origins and obstacles encountered with the pre-order and delays in production have already been covered aplenty. No need to rehash in detail. One thing that does need to be pointed out though, is that in recent weeks (or maybe months?) is that it has been made clear that this is not a reissue or repressing. The folks at Deathwish Inc., J. Bannon in particular, have stated this is the “deluxe” version of the release as it’s better quality jackets, it includes a large-format 28-page booklet (which the original EVR version did not have at all), new pressing plates were made, etc. More care and attention was done to “deluxify” the release. Yes, besides posting about records and great pictures of records, we also make up words here.

The entire pressing for this deluxe edition of Jane Doe ran across six different colors. Two of these colors have already been previously covered here: clear gold /440 and the clear gold with white swirl /550 (“tour” version/Kings Road Merch exclusive). The remaining four colors are as follows:

Red/Gold Swirl – 150 pressed. This is a sort of “friends” press. The label chose to do something cool as they had done with the Clear w/ Shards Axe To Fall, and press 150 in this red/gold swirl color. The label kept 50 copies for friends and long-time customers, 50 went to the band, and the remaining 50 were randomly inserted in mailorders.

Clear Green – 560 pressed. Exclusive color to Equal Vision Records. Available via the label’s e-store. Since EVR originally put out the release, it was only fitting that they’d have their own color.

Clear Red – 1,305 pressed.

White – 2000 pressed

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