Trap Them ‘Seance Prime: The Complete Recordings’ now available

Posted: May 6, 2011 by They Still Press Vinyl in Random, Record Nerds
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I can’t speak for Juan or Nick but me? I’m a BIG fan of these guys. So, I quickly snapped this up as soon as I saw the word that it was up at the Deathwish e-store.

If you you want to get your hands on this beast hit up the link quick; there’s only a thousand in this pressing (300 clear, 700 white.) but I assume if there’s a big enough demand and this sells out DW might continue their trend of repressing stuff on black (ala what they’ve done with some of the Converge stuff recently) so that nobody is left out (or presumably is forced to pay secondary market prices I suppose.)

Anyway, here’s the details via the Deathwish website;

“Seance Prime: The Complete Recordings” 12″LP combines all of their pre “Seizures In Barren Praise” material (the “Seance Prime” CDEP and material from their split 7″EP with Extreme Noise Terror) into one brutal 12″LP release. All of the material has been remastered by guitarist Brian Izzi and the release also features reworked packaging from designer Ryan Patterson (Coliseum, etc.)

The “Seance Prime” sessions were recorded by longtime Trap Them engineer Kurt Ballou (Converge) at his now infamous Godcity Studios. This release in its original form put Trap Them on the map with listeners and critics worldwide as one of the most interesting heavy bands out there today. Songs like “Day 13: The Protest Hour” and “Day 14: Pulse Mavens” are a tornado of D-Beat hooks, frantic bursts of speed, and earth shaking dirges. Erasing the line between metal and punk with every unpredictable twist and turn. All of it dizzying and awe inducing, already deserving to stand among the elite of the extreme metal and hardcore genre.

  1. Nick_J says:

    I didn’t know the singer was a chick.

  2. […] covered the news that Deathwish had put up this record last Friday. Today, the copy I ordered showed up. And it looks […]

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