Tim Barry (re-issues)

Posted: May 4, 2011 by Nick_J in Record Nerds
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As you might have read a while back, I was distresses that my copies of every Tim Barry record I owned sounded like shit. I guess Suburban Home had piss poor vinyl for these releases cause mine came out the shrink sounding like trash. Anyway I was mad and the next thing you know Tim Barry announces that Chunksaah is going to start pressing all of his stuff. I was ecstatic and immediately went to their site and pre-ordered all three records. Fast forward to a couple days ago…I got on this Tim Bary tear and next thing you know, that’s all I’m listening to( Rivanna Junction in particular) day in and out.  Pretty awesome timing when I come home and the Tim fucking Barry pre-order I forgot about was sitting right there. As ideas formulate, I say to myself…..I’ve got beer and these Tim Barry records….I’m gonna drink these beers and listen to these records over and over till maybe I start crying or black out. Perfect plan after a day of having your amazing life sucked out by your shitty job and the mind numbing people you combat all day. So here I sit having these amazing records put my amazing spirit back into my body.

The packaging here is really quite fantastic too. The jackets and liner notes are the same as before but the outer jackets are all on heavy matte finish paper. They are very nice and kind of remind me of sheathing a sword when you are putting the inner sleeve into the outer. The records are all heavy clear vinyl and sound great. Each record is tinted to match the albums cover but I don’t do them much justice since I didn’t take the pictures against a white background to show the color. Each record is the first pressing of 500 per record.

  1. ian says:

    Those look great, did 28th & Stonewall come autgraphed?

    I need to get in my order for these.

  2. Nick_J says:

    Nah it’s not signed.

  3. ian says:

    ah, looked like it, guess ive just never looked at the cover that closely.

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