Posted: May 2, 2011 by Nick_J in Record Nerds
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Jade Tree is offering a combo of the two Leather 7″s right now and I took advantage of the pre-order of Sterile to score these together. I’m really excited about this band though I’m more excited by the idea of seeing them live. This is the kind of music that seems like it would translate to a magical live experience. Leather are a fantastic example of what punk rock music should be all about and I would love to have seen what these records would have done to me when I was 15. Some of the best new music I’ve heard in a while.
HERE is a link to one of the tracks off of Sterile.

  1. AlexMehkago says:

    thanks for the great write up; really enjoyed the Tad reference in the last post. i’ll be seeing leather in phila jun 19 @ the barbary.

  2. Nick_J says:

    Hey, I don’t necessarily agree with the Tad reference. The vocals aren’t tonally similar or rhythmically similar.

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