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Nothing are red-hot nowadays. Quite understandable being that they’re a great band putting out some great music. Their Guilty of Everything LP sold out with the quickness and a repress was issued. Just as limited as the initial run, this one is on tri-color vinyl and the jacket art has been reversed. I think that reversing or even altogether changing the artwork on reissues and represses is always a nice touch. Adds a newness to the release.





Limited to 500 copies for mailorder only from Relapse, as mentioned it sold out quick. Regular black copies are still available. Don’t sleep on this band or record if you have so far.

And now to hunt down and butter someone up for the ever-elusive clear friends-only version of the record. C’mon Relapse, you know want to give it to me! Unless. I already have it.



Ya know. This is one of those albums that I have been eagerly anticipating since it had been announced and even more so after seeing the band last year with Whirr in Tampa. Needless to say, expectations were high for this. And this sure as hell delivered. Nothing have upped the ante from their previous recordings and hit one out of the park with Guilty Of Everything.

I can spare you all the details and review-like nonsense. If you’ve listened to this album and band, then you know. But hey, if you feel inclined to read  more clinical approach for a review, peep this here then.

The album itself is awesome. Design-wise and packaging are sparse and minimal which hints at allowing the music to speak for itself. That’s the kind of stuff I love about some releases. Let’s not get too hung up on cover art or design but instead focus on the music. The cover itself is simple in  the embossed white flag. It works.




Three editions/colors made for this one. The white vinyl with regular cover. Also on black vinyl. And a more deluxe edition that has a wraparound o-card and the vinyl is a white and black split. It also came with a slipmat.





As with any and all Relapse Records releases, there is always elusive clear vinyl edition limited to 100 which is always for bands and employees of the label. Every so often some pop up on eBay and Discogs at absurd prices.

And speaking of Relapse. Some people have taken it upon themselves to shit all over the band because they are with Relapse, a predominantly metal and heavy music label. Why get so wrapped up in that detail? Sure, it’s an odd signing choice, but isn’t what matters most is that the band will be on a solid label that will push them and get them greater exposure? Look at a label like Deathwish Inc. They’re purveyors of aggressive music but have also released some non-heavy bands and music. Hell, they put out the Death Of Lovers EP!

Just enjoy the music for what it is. How hard is that?

And oh yeah. The pressing info on this release thus far: Black/White deluxe /500; White /750; Black /1,250; Clear /100.

Get Well.

Baroness – Yellow & Green

Posted: August 7, 2012 by They Still Press Vinyl in Record Nerds
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What more can be said about Baroness that hasn’t already been said? For me, they are one of those bands that are a “no doubt about it, must buy!” in a time when the bulk of my non-vinyl music listening comes from iTunes or a service like Pandora, Spotify or Rdio. Their last 2 full lengths (“Red Album” & “Blue Album”) are absolute heavy music classics that everyone who even remotely likes metal or any kind of heavy music should have in their heavy rotation – be it on CD, digital or vinyl. So, with that kind of track record behind them expectations were high for their latest release, a double behemoth titled “Yellow & Green.”

Continuing their evolution into being something more than just another modern sludge or prog metal band, “Yellow & Green” finds the band playing around with a more “dreamy” (for lack of a better way of putting it) sound scape that, other than the tuning and use of heavy riffs, is something closer to a band like Dredg than some of their heavy contemporaries and that is a a surprisingly good thing. While at times the 18 tracks that comprise this album seem to all be one continuous jam it still manages to hold your attention.

As for the vinyl release  itself, there were a few different variations that the always reliable Relapse Records put out for the fans and the collectors alike.  There’s the absolutely insane Deluxe Hardbound Book version that saw a total of 3000 pressed with 500 Yellow/Green split, 500 on Dark Green, 500 on Orange Cream and 1500 on Opaque Yellow. There’s also the standard double lp gate fold release with 9100 total pressed; the standard 100 on clear that Relapse does for every release (and rarely, if ever, release to the public), 1000 on 180 Gram black, 1000 on Yellow (A & B sides) and Green (C & D sides) and 7000 on standard black. (All pressing info via Discogs)

As is typically the case with Relapse Records vinyl releases this is a fantastically put together release with awesome artwork (done, as usual, by Baroness’s own John Baizley) and the always greatly appreciated gate fold packaging. Combine all that with the fact that Relapse keeps the price of the release to nothing one would call absurdly high it’s absolutely a release you need to look into. It’s still available on the standard black pressing through the Relapse web store so slide over and pick it up today.

Red Fang

Posted: May 21, 2011 by They Still Press Vinyl in Record Nerds
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A month or three ago a friend of mine in North Carolina – presumably because he knows how much I love stuff in the vein of Black Sabbath and Queens of The Stone Age/Kyuss – recommended I check these guys out after he saw them open for…uh…somebody. I don’t remember who. Anyway, after checking out a couple of their cuts online I was stone dead hooked. Finally got around to ordering the vinyl last week and, man, is it sweet.

These guys are out of Portland, Oregon but would fit right in with any of the popular ‘Georgia Swamp Metal’ bands that are dominating so much of heavy music these days. As for the record itself; a pretty neat take on how they did the packaging on this one. The outer sleeve is a sort of ‘off white’ sleeve with a big center cut hole, similar to what you’d see with a 12″ DJ single or some such thing. Then, instead of a standard plain white outer sleeve you get a full color, full artwork sleeve that utilizes the large center cut hole.

Pretty awesome if you ask me. The record itself comes in a couple variants. Of course, there’s the standard 100 clear versions that Relapse does on every vinyl release as far as I know, but are never for sale unless you randomly stumble across one on eBay at some godawful inflated price.

QUICK SIDE BAR: What exactly does Relapse do with those if they’re not for sale? I mean, I’m sure (just assuming) they go to friends of the label…and the bands for their own use…but,that’s only gonna cover so many I’d think. And they do this, as far as I know, for EVERY record they press on vinyl. I’m genuinely curious both as a fan of the label and as the creator of this here blog dedicated to the sometimes obsessive culture of vinyl records. If anybody from Relapse is reading this, get at me. Oh, and if you’ve got an extra copy of any of the clear Baroness, Coalesce or Red Fang records laying around you’d like to hook me up with to write about that’d be cool too. HA!

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah..pressing breakdown. You’ve got 100 clear of this, 81 on maroon, and 300 each on 180 gram black…Purple with Marble…and this one; Pastel Green with marble. Although I see it myself a turquoise, but hey…that’s just me.

This is a really excellent record, in terms of not only the vinyl/packaging/presentation itself but the music cut onto it too…it’s already one of my absolute favorite records of the year. So, if you’re into stuff in the vein of Volume 4 era Sabbath…Queens of the Stone Age…and Kyuss…then you really need to hop all over this asap. It’s too damn good to pass up.