YOUWRETCH – Sympathy of Wolves LP

Posted: March 12, 2013 by Juan D. in Record Nerds
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Going back to the earlier post on being a fan and supporter of certain labels, this record falls squarely in that place. I’ve been really into all the records and bands that Forward! Records have been putting out. First it started with Pity Sex and their Dark World EP. From there I also checked out Procession and Radiator Hospital. I exchanged a few emails with the label and they were always courteous and appreciative of the support. In a recent newsletter, they posted about YOUWRETCH. Forward! was going to be doing the vinyl and their album, Sympathy of Wolves was already streaming online. It would appeal to fans to doom, sludge, black metal, and crust. OK. I enjoy a few of those styles, so why not? I checked them out and was immediately hooked. And pre-ordered the LP of course.


As has become typical with Forward!, the first 100 pressed are on color vinyl. For YOUWRETCH, they did white vinyl. Works perfectly with the black and barren silkscreened fold-over cover art.



To give you an idea of what this band is all about, here’s the post I did for the other music site I write for:

Hailing from the birthplace of the Purple one, YOUWRETCH are Minneapolis’ bastard children of all things doom and gloom and quite possibly grind. Their music is abrasive and harsh. Blame it on the harsh winters of the area, YOUWRETCH deliver a brand of heavy music that doesn’t make its mind up. It’s fast, heavy, noisy, and even a melody or two find their way into the spastic assault of the senses. And one thing that is clear with the band’s full-length Sympathy of Wolves is that they are not afraid to experiment and mix things up. The ambient-like break in “Cobblestone & Smoke” is a welcomed respite to the brutality and powerviolence that preceded the track. And the aural destruction that follows it.

YOUWRETCH formed in 2010 and by the sound of a few of their recordings, they sound like seasoned veterans well-ingrained in their own style and approach to heavy music. My exposure to the band was by simple coincidence. 

They will appeal to any metalhead and hardcore punk kid who has branched out in also digging doom, gloom, black metal, and powerviolence.

 Check out their Bandcamp stream below and if you need to order this LP, as you should, click here.

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