Pity Sex – Dark World EP 12″

Posted: July 27, 2012 by Juan D. in Record Nerds
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One of the few perks of writing for music sites and zines is the plethora of free music I come across for reviews and promos. Not that I get a lot of free music but I do get to check out plenty of new bands and records. I do my best to spread the word on bands and albums I end up digging but even bands I’m not keen on, I still give them a bit of “press”. I mean, if they’re taking the time and effort to create music and art, why not give the bands a bit of a break? Especially if they took the time to contact me and send me stuff to check out.

 One of the bands that I recently got the opportunity to check out is Pity Sex. They’re from Ann Arbor, MI and I came across them when we got news that they had signed to Run For Cover Records. When I say “we” in this instance, I am referring to the other music site I write for. Pity Sex play a style of lo-fi pop that is peppered throughout with noise and fuzzed-out guitar tones. The bio describes them as being akin to Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., and Hum. Some pretty heavyweight comparisons there…and they are spot-on!


Upon listening to their Bandcamp page, I was hooked right away. Since for the past few months I’ve been listening to more and more non-hardcore bands and music, Pity Sex appealed to my palate. The band has put out two EPs so far, one of which, Dark World, was pressed by Forward! Records. I did not hesitate Googling the label and finding the site to order the EP. I have no idea how long pre-orders had been up, but the first 100 copies of the EP were to be pressed on White vinyl. But that later changed to Creamy Pink. I hoped that I got my order in quick and early enough to snag the color.

And sure enough, I did.

The record overall is great. Simple packaging and jacket. The vinyl is not completely heavyweight but there is some heft to it. And it definitely is a Creamy Pink. With a bit of marbling throughout. The only thing that has me a bit peeved is the lack of insert. But that’s OK. I’d rather have the music and sound speak for itself more than anything else. And for the price paid…$12 (which I assume included shipping because I wasn’t charged anything additional)…is very well worth it.

Pity Sex are a new pleasure to listen to. If you dig good music, then check them out.

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