Whirr – Distressor 12” EP Reissue

Posted: May 25, 2012 by Juan D. in Record Nerds
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What the hell happened? Whirr have completely blown up. It seems just yesterday that no one knew who they were and all real knowledge was that Nick who had joined Deafheaven, was also in another band called Whirl. Later changing their name to Whirr.

So here we are I guess. A few months…year maybe?…I don’t know. Feels like ages I have been into this band that it has all gone by so quick.

They just very recently released their first full-length, Pipe Dreams, on Tee Pee Records after the much-successful June EP 7” earlier. I say much-successful because it’s already in its second pressing from what I am hearing. So given all of this craziness over the band, it seemed fitting that a proper reissue of their Distressor EP was due.

Now. As far as I know, the original version of the Distressor 12” EP was mired with issues. First, it was done by a UK-based label that seemingly shafted a few people in delivering the goods. So it seems that not everyone got what they ordered and left plenty out in the cold.

So here we are almost a year later and a reissue has been done by the good folks over at Savannah, GA-based Graveface Records. This reissue not only comes in new vinyl colors, but also brand new, completely redone artwork and inserts. Something that is always interesting about reissues. Ya know, making it something new and altogether different for fans.

The simple and basic black wax has been done away with a Clear w/ Black & White Splatter for the retail version. A Green/White Swirl version is available for Graveface Record Club members. (More on that latter color later).

The retail version is out of 325 copies. The splatter color is nicely done and I dig the redone artwork and inserts. 


I do have to bust balls where it needs to be done. I don’t understand the reason to completely change the artwork. Was it the band’s decision? Was it the reissuing label’s? Who made that decision?

We have gone from a tastefully nude woman to a dog in front of a stack of speakers. Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for both. They both fit. Cryptic and strange and very much conducive to the swirling and shoegaze-y sounds contained within…but I need answers!

I have a theory…and will offer it in an effort to start internet shit-talking and rumor-mongering. The original pressing…which by the way is a screen-cap of Nicole Kidman from Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut…is to appeal to the guys. You know. Nude chicks…Huh. Huh. Huh…While the reissue cover art appeals to the ladies…”Awwwww…it’s a doggy!”. In front of a wall of speakers to of course still retain some masculinity.

Insert more shit-talking non-sense here I am guessing.

But here’s the bottom line. This reissue is pretty great. It was needed. The inclusion of the demo versions of “Leave” and “Meaningless” were an added bonus. And of course making the release available again to anyone who missed out. That was a no-brainer.

My only beef of sorts…I guess…is the additional color of the release. There is a second color available: Green/White Swirl. But you could only get that if you were to join the label’s Record Club. For a determined amount, you’ll get all releases the label puts out in club-specific colors for the year. This is how I understand it. That’s really a great offer when it comes down to it…much like the Sub Pop Singles Club back in the day and even when Victory Records tried to pull that off back in the mid-90’s…but in this current economy clime, that may be a bit tough for some. Surely it’s a great way to check out new bands and releases from the label, but to me it feels a bit forced if I only have interest in that one band and I’m a completist asshole…like I surely am. I’m by no mean knocking Graveface and their Record Club…but if my interest in their roster so far is only Whirr, then the club doesn’t make sense to be a part of…thusly missing out on the exclusive color.

But hey…do yourself a favor…get this reissue from Graveface any way you can. It’s pretty killer and a lot of effort went into it. I’m impressed and hooked into it. And don’t worry, if you miss out on the splatter or swirl colors, there’s already talk of another pressing being in the works. So there’s no missing out.

And of course…follow the instructions listed on the insert…

  1. Phil says:

    I like the black & white color effect, the record looks really awesome!! I bet.

  2. Another great Graveface band is The Casket Girls which actually has one of the label’s founding members (who also happens to be a former member of Black Moth Super Rainbow). Phew, that was a lot of name-dropping… but seriously, check them out. Their album “Sleepwalking” just came out this week.

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