Isis Live Volume VI

Posted: March 25, 2012 by They Still Press Vinyl in Record Nerds
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It’s ISIS. Really what more can I say? They are one of those bands that you either hate or unquestionably love.  The ongoing Live series (undeterred by that whole ‘they broke up in 2010’ thing) captures the band at their absolute best and Volume 6 might be the best of the bunch. Recorded in November of 2007,  it is a collection of some of their absolute best material highlighted by the opening track; an absolutely brutal version of “Hive Destruction.” It is an album that can be listened to in the car and still melt your speakers, but I highly recommend you listen to it with headphones. Cliche as it sounds, listening to it like that really adds something to the album.

The vinyl release of this sold out fast (as is usually the case with Isis vinyl releases, live or otherwise) but you can still grab it via iTunes. Or you can search eBay and pay only slightly above retail (at least at the time of this posting) for the vinyl version.

The release itself comes in grey packaging with letter pressing all around. The sleeve, the insert all simple and to the point with a very nice overall look. The records themselves are pressed on some heavy duty feeling vinyl and overall it’s a really well put together release that was well worth the $20 Hydra Head had it priced at when it went up on the website.

I believe it was released on just black, grey and clear. No idea what the pressing numbers are (as is usually the case with Hydra Head releases.) The copy I picked up is on grey but to me it’s more a light grey/dark grey swirl. Whatever, this particular color is the nicest of the bunch because it ties into the rest of the packaging so well. And, as we’ve discussed, the most important part of the package – the music cut into the grooves – is top notch. So it is an overall A+ release and another job well done by the folks at Hydra Head.


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