Split Cranium – Sceptres to Rust 7”

Posted: February 9, 2012 by Juan D. in Record Nerds
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So here it is. Split Cranium.

Who are Split Cranium? They are a hardcore band. Simple as that. But much more interesting than that.

Split Cranium is made up of Jussi Lehtisalo, Aaron Turner, Jukka Kröger, and Samae Koskinen. So basically some dudes in ISIS and Circle. And they are all awesome brutal hardcore.

With the their Sceptres to Rust 7”, Split Cranium offer up a tease of what is to come with their full-length later on from Hydra Head. It’s fast-paced hardcore in the vein of late 80’s Southern California HC/Punk. At least hardcore as interpreted by one guy from the Boston-area and some dudes from Finland.

The 7” is limited to a mere 300 copies. A pretty short run all things considered. And it’s worth it.

Not much more can be said. You either will dig and love this, or you won’t. Especially the “remix” on the b-side. It’s interesting and adds a punch to the a-side track. Get into it!

In addition to the 7″, I was also surprised recently when I received a test press of it in a care package sent by Hydra Head on a order I placed on their Real Tomato Ketchup webstore. I initially, thought, “Hey, that’s cool, they threw in a copy of the Split Cranium 7″.” But my jaw dropped when I realized it was a test press. Out of 30! Hurrah!

If you’re still curious about checking Split Cranium out, there’s their bandcamp page stream track thing below. Check it out!

“Super fan numero uno since 1995”

  1. jensen says:

    I like it. Thanks for writing about it!

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