Indecision – Unorthodox 12″ LP Remastered Screenprinted Cover

Posted: December 5, 2011 by Juan D. in Record Nerds
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I figured that Nick over at the Alternate 1995 blog would have posted about this already. But it seems that is not the case. When I tell you that Nick is a huge Indecision / Most Precious Blood fam…trust me he is. He is to them as I am to say…anything Aaron Turner. Yeah…we obsess plenty.

But since Nick has given me an opening, I will take it and post. Ha!

Here is Indecision‘s Unorthodox 12″ LP. This is Indecision‘s first release but this time around it has been remastered and re-released by Bitter Melody Records. And let me tell you, Grant has done a fantastic job with this. Just like his first label release, Most Precious Blood‘s Merciless, plenty of attention and care has been taken for Unorthodox.

The album has been remastered from the original DAT tapes giving it the necessary punch and bite that was missing from the original pressing. Limited to about 750 copies on reverse board jackets, the colors were broken down as such:

Black 180gram – 150 hand-numbered with screenprinted covers
Red/Black – 248
White/Clear – 356

Being that I don’t have deep pockets…at least not after a few box sets have dropped in the last couple of months…I went with one color: the black 180gram with screenprinted cover. And it is awesome.

Overall, this is yet another solid release from Bitter Melody. The relationship that I hope Grant has been able to create with the Indecision / MPB folks should be solid enough to have future releases locked in. At least I hope so.

And a bonus! Button and sticker!

The Black 180gram w/ the screenprinted covers is long sold out. But if you want to get your hands on either of the two colors…or both…get on over to the Bitter Melody webstore.

Do it. Do it.


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