A.A. Bondy

Posted: November 14, 2011 by Nick_J in Record Nerds
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Albums this perfect come along once in a great while. As a music nut, you usually comb through hundreds of albums and years to find them. The new A.A. Bondy called Believers  is a perfectly composed and performed record that is a genuine masterpiece.

I’ve liked A.A. Bondy since the first time I heard him. His sound prior to this albums was always a blend of acoustic singer songwriter tunes with plodding rock. His songwriting and lyrics are really second to none. That said, this album (being totally different)  is his most organized and cohesive effort. 

Believers could almost be called a concept album based on it’s musical qualities alone.  The record is full of dark and lush sounds that drag on in the most beautiful way. I’m reminded of a smokey room when I listen to this music. There is an almost Mazzy Star meets Pink Floyd feeling to the songs. Many times an album of this slow speed and feel tend to be mood music to me, not this record. I want to listen to this record every day.

When reviewing for my albums of the year, this will surely be number one, or second at worst.  This has been a year for solo artists for me and whoever is at the top of my list, there is a good chance it will be someones solo album. Frank Turner, AA Bondy, Ryan Adams, Jason Isbell immediately jump to mind and have all put out astounding records this year.

If the jacket looks a little beat up….it is. I got really drunk and walked into it and smashed it against my cabinet. Glad it wasn’t really rare.


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