Vampires, and Sandworms, and Bears!…Oh My!

Posted: November 13, 2011 by Juan D. in Record Nerds
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Since I get complete lack of inspiration from time to time, it feels as though making a new post becomes a chore. A job that I dread having to do. Even more so when there’s nothing really exciting to wrote about…especially with new records and/or music. Hence the complete uninspired and completely idiotic title of this post. Definitely a front-runner for dumbest title I have ever thought of.

But don’t fret. It’s basically an indication of what is to come. Being that I have not received any new records to really get stoked about enough to write about, I figured I’d indulge my completist asshole nature and brag about some test presses I have landed in the last few months. I’ll probably get bored halfway through writing about each one…oh well.

Ink & Dagger – Love Is Dead 7″ repress

This one was a bit of an ordeal to get my hands on. Well, not really but there a sort of backstory to it. When the Love Is Dead 7″ reissue came out on October of last year. There were/are three variants out there: Glow In The Dark vinyl with silk-screened covers out of 100, Clear vinyl with regular covers out of 666, and the Clear L.A. show-only w/ silk-screened covers out of 55. And of course the test press which is out of 10.

I initially had contact the label putting out the reissue, Six Feet Under, to see what we could work out for a test press. Either a trade or buying it off them. A few emails were exchanged but then things unfortunately fizzled. I wrote it off. Then about a month or two ago, I got wind that SFU would be selling off a bunch of rare and limited releases to fund future projects. I contacted a mutual friend to see if he would pass word to SFU about selling or trading the I&D test press before it goes to eBay. Again, a few emails were exchanged with me making offers and increasing the amounts. And once again, things fizzled.

Two or three weeks later SFU dumped a large chunk of their rare and limited catalog on eBay and the three rarest Love Is Dead were among the items. Including the test press.

And as it is evident…I won the auction for it. For a lot less than my final offer had been in the email exchanges. Two things are cool about this test press: the vinyl itself is clear, which according to SFU it was unexpected, and it came with a silkscreened cover in silver to tell it apart from the other cover like it.


Shai Hulud – Hearts Once Nourished With Hope And Compassion

Shai Hulud was the first hardcore band that I became a fan of when I first moved to Florida. They were definitely the defining band of the South Florida scene along with Morning Again, Poison The Well, and a few others. Hearts Once Nourished… was their first LP released by Crisis Records, which was a sub-label of Revelation. If I recall correctly, Rob Moran of Unbroken, Some Girls, and Narrows, ran Crisis. So you can thank him for the few great bands that were on Crisis’ roster.

It’s perceived as cheesy when someone says that a record or band changed their lives. But I have to honestly say that Shai Hulud‘s Hearts Once Nourished With Hope And Compassion impacted my life greatly. The lyrical content, which was scarily parallel and suitable for what I was going through in my life at the time it first came out and I listened, resonated with me along with the hardcore and metal hybrid of the music.

With this beast of a record, I contacted a few of the band members to see if they’d be willing to part ways with any test presses. For some reason I never thought of contacting Crisis, but then again at the time I thought of searching of the TP, the label itself was no longer operational. I received a luke warm response from Oliver Chapoy who had been in the band since day one and up until after the release of split with Indecision. But things fizzled. It was only a few months ago that I heard directly from Chapoy asking me if I was still interested in the test press. Of course I was. So we worked a deal out.  

No jacket/sleeve with this one. Just means I’ll have to make my own. At some point. And not only ended up with the test press, but also sealed color copies of the LP itself and also the Indecision split 10″. Score and score! (I asked Rob M. if he knew how many TPs were made. He advised that eight were made.)


Minus the Bear – Planet of Ice 2xLP 4th press

A test press for a 4th pressing of Planet of Ice?!?!…What the hell does that mean?!?!

When Suburban Home pressed Minus the Bear‘s Planet of Ice for a fourth and final time, they re-cut the album at 45rpm with new plates and everything.  So they did a run of test presses for it. Being the MtB completist I asked Virgil of Suburban Home if I could snag a test press. He more than obliged since he knew how I am with MtB releases. But what’s funny is that after that initial contact with him, we didn’t complete the deal until a year or so later. Life got in the way for both of us.

Thankfully, he was still cool with the deal and we worked it out. Simple test press. No custom sleeves/jackets this time around as with the first pressing.

And that’s it. Nothing too exciting this go around. I guess.

Hopefully next post will be more exciting and more pictures of records on all pretty pretty colors.

  1. mcs says:

    Always satisfying when you try negotiating, make generous offers, and then it goes nowhere.. but the person then turns to ebay and you win for less. I’ve done it myself a few times.

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