A New Found Glory – Nothing Gold Can Stay LP Reissue

Posted: September 6, 2011 by Juan D. in Record Nerds
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It all started with the bass player’s brother.

At least my awareness of A New Found Glory. At the time NFG started here in South Florida…Coral Springs to be most specific…they were just a side-band for Shai Hulud‘s vocalist at the time, Chad Gilbert. I came across them from Ian Grushka’s brother, Jarret (sp?). I was attending college at the time, and Jarret and I shared some classes together as we both had the same major studies. One day in one of the classes…I can’t recall which one, may have been Underwater Basket Weaving for all I know…Jarret approached me and asked if I would play his brother’s band’s CD on my radio show at the school station. My radio show at the time was a mess as I didn’t have a set format. I pretty much played anything and whatever I wanted. From hardcore to punk to ska to pop to electronica. It was Thunderdome on that show!

So Jarret gave me a copy of the A New Found Glory‘s It’s All About The Girls EP that had just then come out on local label Fiddler Records. I listened to the CD and was instantly hooked. It was pop-punk at its finest…which I had no idea at the time that it was pop-punk. I was so knee-deep into hardcore and the local scene that I wasn’t fully aware of what was going on musically anywhere else. I played the CD on my show and my listeners…all five of them…liked it. Or at least I’d like to think so since no one ever called in to the show. A few weeks (or maybe months) later I went to a warehouse show to see Shai Hulud and A New Found Glory and Where Fear And Weapons Meet were also there. NFG blew me away. They were all over the place and had an energy that rivaled and was out of place from the local hardcore scene. But yet they were from and about the hardcore scene.

College graduation came and went and I lost a bit of contact from a lot of the key players in the local scene. I happened to go to Uncle Sam’s Music, a local record store in the mean streets of Pompano Beach, and at the time Oliver Chapoy from Shai Hulud was working there and mentioned that NFG had put out a full-length CD, Nothing Gold Can Stay, on another local label, Eulogy Recordings. I got the CD…no discount…thanks Oliver!  It was more pop-punk greatness. And at that point it’s pretty much history. NFG got noticed and picked up by Drive-Thru Records. Nothing Gold Can Stay was reissued and a vinyl version was also done. For some reason, I never picked up that vinyl version. And then the band blew up and now they’re one of the bands mentioned as innovators of the pop-punk genre.

The original vinyl version of Nothing Gold Can Stay goes for buku money nowadays. Pop-punk fans are a strange lot. They’re pretty hardcore (no pun intended) when it comes to their devotion for their favorite bands. So the record has been out of print for quite some time now…and to be expected when there are only 1,000 done. A reissue was due and along comes a new label, Company Ink Records, that has provided just that.

For one I am glad that they kept the “A” in the band’s name. It brings back that local band legitimacy of the SFL scene. I dig that. The vinyl color of the reissue is a gold marble which closely resembles but is still discernible from the original gold color of the Drive-Thru version.

The front of the jacket has a bigger cut-out window for the girl photo to show through and the sleeve itself is a collage of band photos. The back of the jacket has the cherubs from the Drive-Thru CD tray art that also peek through the jacket window if you feel so inclined to flip the sleeve.

The jacket spine is adorned with the stars that are also present in the DTR CD version. So this reissue/repress is a combo of the original Eulogy Recordings CD and the DTR CD in its overall presentation.

Soundwise the album sounds crisper and meatier. Remastered maybe? I’ve been reading on various message boards and discussions that this reissue sounds better than the DTR original. I don’t have an original DTR version so can’t compare. Maybe so.

Oh yeah…this gold marble version is limited to 1,500. It’s a Hot Topic exclusive so you can get it either at the physical stores (unless someone has cleaned them out and flipping them on eBay already) or on their webstore. The guy who runs Company Ink mentioned that there is forthcoming version in Faded Gold that will be available to and only at indie retail stores. Hopefully your local store gets one. It sounds though that if you live in some podunk town with no record stores anywhere nearby you’re pretty much screwed. But fear not, I made the suggestion that because of that very reason a few copies should be distro’ed online. Hopefully that will happen.

“Coral Springs Easycore since 1997”

  1. ordered and loving my life. this blog is rad.

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