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Posted: September 3, 2011 by Juan D. in Record Nerds
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Ask any vinyl nerd what aspect of the whole hobby/game/lifestyle/obsession of collecting they enjoy most and a few are more likely to answer that they like finding and getting rarer versions or pressings. Whether it’s a record-release pressing, or something limited to 10 copies, or even friends pressing given out to random people who  commit lewd acts in front of the band or send in nudes…ya know, crazy shit like that.

When it comes to fests and special shows, some bands and labels take the route of creating something special and unique to have for sale at their merch tables. This is awesome as it makes the release more special and specific for that event and performance. But sometimes it can be a downer since some fans can’t make it to the show or fest when they’re far and away from their hometown. But much thanks to the internet age, it’s gotten a bit easier for someone to get Band X’s first album repressed with special cover covered in the singer’s blood only sold at the band’s final show in their Podunk hometown. Again…some crazy shit like that. But yeah…now thanks to message boards, Twitter, and Facebook, Fan Numero Fanatico Fantastico can beg and plead to friends and people attending the show to hook them up with a copy of that one record they want. Some get lucky and do get hooked…while others who tend to be overzealous and annoying in their pleas go unnoticed and ignored.

I tend to fall somewhere in the middle of that mess. But sometimes waiting can also work out as if there are any leftover merch, including those rare pressings, they become available online via the band or the label’s webstores.

In the case of this year’s This Is Hardcore, I lucked out in both fronts: having someone who went help me secure a couple of releases and also waiting for some to be available online afterwards.

Thanks to a good lad over at Dead Format, I was hooked up with Strife‘s My Fire Burns On 7″ and Moutpiece‘s Can’t Kill What’s Inside LP.

Strife was one of the first sXe hardore bands I got into way back when. Even though I am far from sXe they still hit home with their message and the music was great to mosh to. Ha! For TIH they repressed their My Fire Burns On 7″ and did a special silkscreened cover that folds out into a mini-print of sorts. Limited to 50 hand-numbered copies it’s on a grey marble puke messy color.

Mouthpiece is another sXe band I got into early. I believe it was last year…or maybe in 2009…Revelation Records compiled all of their recordings and put out the Can’t Kill What’s Inside LP. The band reunited and has been playing shows. For TIH, they took the second pressing of the discography LP of green vinyl and made a special cover for it limited to just 50. They got creative with this one using the G.I. Joe figure from the early 1960s on the cover. If you know your Revelation Records history, then you know how the “connection” with G.I. Joe and how this cover is an homage to that.

And now we have Deathwish Inc. They took the leftovers from TIH and posted them on their webstore thus giving fans a chance to get their grubby hands on these.

For TIH, DW took three records that they had vinyl for but no jackets and made special silkscreened covers. As it tends to surely happen, labels probably get an overrun of vinyl or jackets for some of their releases and these just sit in their warehouse or storage as they can’t really be released. So with these three, Deathwish went ahead and made something special for TIH.

Cold WorldDedicated To Babies Who Came Feet First. Black vinyl…unknown number on this pressing. Maybe a “reissue” for sorts to keep it in print. It feels weightier so 180gram perhaps? The TIH silkscreened cover is out of 110.

Killing The DreamFractures. Transparent Ice Blue (Coke Bottle) w/ White Splatter. The vinyl itself is the second pressing out of 200. With the silkscreened cover out of 150. So does that mean that only 50 copies of the second pressing had real jackets? Hmmmmm… This is probably my favorite of the TIH releases DW did. The cover is like a mini print of J. Bannon’s artwork and design. Which is also an actual art print he did a year or so back. And it goes perfect with the vinyl color.

Blacklisted…And The Beat Goes On. Black vinyl. No pressing info that known. I do get the sneaking suspicion that this the vinyl from a recent repress on 180gram. I say that because over at Six Feet Under Records’ webstore (and email newsletter) they mention a 180gram black vinyl reissue. Yet another Hmmmm. But this is out of 180 with the silkscreened cover. And it sold like hot cakes! Understandibly so as it is a great record.

Deathwish did a bang-up job on these for sure. Much like the ConvergeYou Fail Me leftover vinyl w/ silkscreened covers from a couple of years back, these are special and pretty overall awesome.

Pretty cool isn’t it?

And by the way…if anyone has an extra or willing to trade/sell a copy of the YFM red w/ black stripe w/ the silkscreened cover get at me. I’m down for a trade or purchase.

So that basically wraps up the TIH releases I got my hands on.

Surely there will be plenty of more fests and shows with special releases and pressings and variants that I will want to get my hands on. But only those bands I’m into. And labels I continually support and consistently put out great music. Like Deathwish Inc.

“Shamelessly brown-nosing since 1995”

  1. blessedxcursed says:

    glad to see you got the strife and mouthpiece records intact…

  2. Evan Kirby says:

    I don’t know if you’ll see this but if you’re willing to sell me that Cold World LP shoot me an email:

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