(The) Melvins – The Bride Screamed Murder LP

Posted: August 20, 2011 by Juan D. in Record Nerds
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When it comes to being into (The) Melvins and collecting their vinyl releases, I feel a sense of camarederie with fans of NOFX and Against Me! To an extent. Pursuing a complete Melvins collection is borderline impossible…and expensive…and completely nuts! So many variants out there and limited pressings and “you can only get it by being at the show” versions. And plenty more.

With their newest record, The Bride Screamed Murder, they continue the shenanigans. This time around they did a simple pressing of 1,000 on White w/ Splatter vinyl. Sounds easy enough right?


Released via Amphetamine Reptile, the record was to have 10 different artists create custom covers for it. So there’d be 100 copies with different artwork. Best described from the AmRep site:

The pressing on this LP was limited to just 1000 copies & are in white vinyl that splattered with red/orange/yellow streaks. To make things even more special, 10 artists were commissioned to create artwork for the letterpress print that’s affixed to the back of the sleeve with each design being limited to just 100 copies.

Great! Now time to send completist assholes like myself into a scramble. You’d think that the price would have been a deterent but noooooo. Fans snapped these up as they became available. And who can blame them with the list of artists doing the artwork: HAZE-XXL, Mackie Osborne, Junko Mizuno, Baseman, Dalek, King Buzzo, Molly Osborne, Coop, and Adam Jones.

As soon as I saw the list I was all in for Coop and Jones for different reasons but mainly for being a fan of the music (Jones w/ TOOL) and artwork (Coop) for a long time.

As luck would have it though, ordering for each individual version went up at random times. Unless you were keeping with Twitter, Facebook, or even a thread over at VC, you’d miss out. In my quest to get the Coop and Jones, I also ended up with the Dalek and Buzzo covers. Surely much to the dismay of some fans who are less than pleased that they have not been able to snag a single copy.

Dalek cover

King Buzzo cover

COOP cover

Adam Jones cover

There are five other covers out there. All sold out of course. There is a tenth one yet to be revealed. Surely it will sell out with the quickness. And go up for sale at the most random of times, like the Jones one which went up at 4am my time and I missed it. Luckily AmRep found a few more copies laying around and put them up. As soon as I saw the tweet come up and jumped on it. It sold out within seven minutes of that tweet.

As for the record itself…it’s typical Melvins. But more of a throwback to (A) Senile Animal and Stoner Witch even. Heavy, groovy, and bombastic. All things that make (The) Melvins awesome. If you’re a long-time fan, then you know this album and dig it.

Hopefully AmRep will do a regular version of the record for everyone who just want it on vinyl and not pay through the nose to get it. A few of these limited covers are commanding high prices on eBay as would be expected. Especially given the rare nature of some of these now.

Let’s see what will happen.


  1. Nick_J says:

    This is a really great post.

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