The Fall Of Troy – Doppelgänger LP Reissue

Posted: August 17, 2011 by Juan D. in Record Nerds
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There are way too many schools of thought when it comes to reissues and represses. Some tend to think that they’re not necessary. Others always welcome the chance to have a favorite hard-to-get record be re-released at a much affordable price. A few like to bash those who collect represses and colors and variants to no end. No real logical reason why. We could spend countless hours arguing the pros and cons of this nonsense…hours that I honestly don’t have and really do care less what people think.

With that diatribe out of the way. The reissue of The Fall Of Troy‘s Doppelgänger is finally here. Originally released by Equal Vision in 2005, the vinyl version was licensed to Divergent Records, and it was  ridiculously limited: 150 on Clear for the 1st press and 350 on Black/White Swirl for the 2nd press. No other colors. No other pressings. At least as far as I know from the wealth of useless information I have amassed throughout the years.

The reissue was done by Enjoy The Ride Records, a label I know very little about. They’re out of Long Island, NY and from what I have seen on their webpage and the discussions (which has led to much much bitching & moaning by people who take the internet and message boards far too seriously) all over they have licensed and reissued a few releases. Most of which are bands I’m not much into which is why I’m not very familiar with the label. I will say this though, I have exchanged a few emails with ETR’s head-cheese, Ross, and he seems like a nice guy.

Back to Doppelgänger.

Two colors available: 500 on Oxblood/Black Split w/ Bone Splatter and 1,000 on Oxblood/Black Split. The latter color is exclusive for Hot Topic stores.

I went with the Oxblood/Black Split w/ Bone Splatter  because it was the first available for sale. I believe Hot Topic should be getting their copies soon. If not, already have them.

If you know this release it’s obvious that it’s different from the original vinyl pressing. The artwork is all the same as the CD. The jackets are printed in a nice matte finish and printed glossy inner sleeves. The vinyl itself os 140gram for those who worry about that type of stuff.

Soundwise,  it is so much better than the original pressings and even the CD! It’s clearer and the bass is more upfront. Not to mention that the heaviness of the sound is amped up. There was no mention of any remixing the record for the reissue, but in the end it sounds sharp.

Although I dig that ETR went back to the original artwork from the CD for the reissue, I have to admit that I’m partial to the original vinyl pressing art. It was completely different from the CD. Not to mention a but creepier with the twins on the cover. Or rather…the doppelgängers.

That difference in artwork/design between CD and vinyl versions is what in my opinion amounts to creating a more immersed experience in the music listening. It’s almost as getting two different perspectives on the record and can create an impact when enjoying the music. This is by no means a knock against the ETR reissue. It’s awesome to see the original CD art in LP format and the attention to detail is noticeable.

I’m just being a nit-picky and jaded old fart.

Bottom line: This is a great reissue. The decision to change the artwork and design is effective. The record is visually pleasing with colors that compliment the art. And the music itself, which is what matters at the end of the day, is phenomenal. I’ve been reading that a lot of people fell off the TFOT fan-wagon, but I think this reissue will bring them back. It still sounds as fresh and great as when it first came out in ’05…which that right there sounds odd to say when you consider that it was only six years ago. That’s not that long ago!

Crazy how styles and tastes change for some people in such a few years.


  1. Michael says:

    I have the Bone Splatter version myself, and I fucking love it. Hearing it on vinyl made me go from thinking it was just an alright album to absolutely loving it, and checking out the rest of their discography. My only complaint with it is that the record itself seems to have a bit of static electricity in it that makes it cling to the inner sleeve, and make it quite hard to get out (and that 1,500 total copies still sounds like a painfully limited number). But for a new vinyl addict like me, I can’t get enough of reissues if it means not paying hundreds of dollars for an original pressing.

    • Jose Iniguez says:

      Michael, you can buy white inner sleeves that are lined with plastic and that would make it a lot easier for you as far as getting the record in and out of the inner sleeve. They also are a great option because they prevent the little paper scuffs/scratches that regular non lined inner sleeves cause. They aren’t too pricely, my local shop charges $28 for 100. You can get pretty much the same deal (plus shipping) from There’s also more fancy ones out there such as the Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab ones but I think the SquareDeal ones are the best for the dollar.

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