Sick of it All

Posted: August 1, 2011 by Nick_J in Record Nerds
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I’d be hard pressed to name a hardcore band that had as much influence on me as Sick Of It All. They were most likely the first hardcore band I ever heard. Their importance to hardcore in general can’t be overstated. I saw them on their tour with Biohazard and Sheer Terror years back and from that point I loved hardcore. It’s funny but I can remember seeing the video for Just Look Around on MTV and thinking the world had to be coming to an end. Little did I know the potential for how big hardcore could become.

I was surfing around and saw that Think Fast! was pressing Based on a True Story and scooped that shit up during the pre-order. I love this record. It has that edge that made SOIA the shit back in the day. The jacket is an embosses gatefold that looks pretty bad ass. I think they pressed this on white/black swirl (of 150), gray/black swirl(of 350), and black swirl (of 500). I love this swirl style. I got a couple like this and I really like the way they look.


  1. jensen says:

    Wow, that record and packaging really look nice. Too bad I’m not into SOIA.

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