Kayo Dot – Stained Glass 12” EP

Posted: August 1, 2011 by Juan D. in Record Nerds
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By this point I have become such a fan of Kayo Dot’s music, that if and when I get a chance to pick up any new pressings of their releases, I’m all for it. A while back I took a look at their most recent LP, Coyote, which was put out by the always-impressive Taiga Records. (Posted about that here). Kayo Dot followed up Coyote with the Stained Glass EP. As usual Hydra Head handled the release but they allowed the EP’s vinyl version to be released by Antithetic Records. We posted on the pre-orders for Stained Glass a while back at the end of June.

The records are finally showing up at people’s homes and their turntables. (Geez…that last phrase sounds so damn cheesy)

I wasn’t feeling too extravagant and opted to  just get the Black version limited to 100 hand-numbered sleeves. Other colors available are Purple and Teal. Those limited to 200 each.

The overall presentation on the record is superb. Sturdy and thick sleeves, insert with all the credits, a poster (bonus!), and the vinyl itself on 180gram.

The black vinyl compliments the artwork and design in not only its simplicity but also subtlety.

The music itself is a bit more experimental and synth-driven than Coyote but that is what makes Kayo Dot interesting. You never know what you’re going to get with each release. Stained Glass is more about creating an ambience and feeling of impending dread than the tumult and chaos that was Coyote. You still get some harsh moments from the guitars and synth here, but it sets itself apart from the rest of the 20-minute EP. It’s almost as if this violent drive halfway is a reminder to keep vigilant throughout the rest of the record.

Stained Glass is an experiment in creating a darkness with the ambience and within the environment. It can be argued that it’s typical of Toby Driver’s conducting of the Kayo Dot orchestra but it’d be missing the point of just enjoying the music for what it is. And thanks to a stellar edition from Antithetic Records, the mood and feeling of the music can be experienced in a whole new way.


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