Work In Shadows Record Label

Posted: July 30, 2011 by Juan D. in Record Nerds
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There’s a new label out there that may be of interest. Work In Shadows was started by our good friend Adam to not only put out releases by bands in the hardcore scene, but also bands from his home state of North Carolina.

The label’s webstore is live now with their first two releases:

Just Die!A Momentary Lapse In Positive Thinking LP is available now and Low PlacesSpiritual Treatment cassette is coming very soon.

Both very limited releases. Solid bands, solid albums, solid label.

This is not some fluff early-to-mid 90s pop-punk release only 5 dudes in your high school gave a shit about. No major label license release non-sense. No pre-order bullshit with continued broken promises of when it will finally ship. None of that.

This is real hardcore punk for real hardcore punk fans. This is as DIY as you get. Pick up these two releases and support the label. Tell Adam we sent ya!

  1. jensen says:

    Reminds of an awesome young label over here in Germany, check it out if you like really coll DIY stuff with screenprints and handmade covers and shit like that:

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