Harmony – Self-Titled LP

Posted: July 23, 2011 by Juan D. in Record Nerds
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One thing that I sometimes have to give props to is this blog. And Twitter. And Facebook. But it all goes back to TSPV here. In my time “contributing”…and I put that in quotes because I don’t take myself seriously and never think that anyone cares or gives a rat’s ass what I have to say and feel like I am so obsessed and such a fanboy that I lose all words to be sensical when it comes to this stuff…BUT…during this whole time I have fomented a few great e-friendships and connections. In the process I have been able to get turned on to a lot of new music and bands that I would have otherwise never known were out there.

I have mentioned this before in the Abraxis post (here) and I could on and on and on. Well…my good e-buddy Craig from Australia and who runs/owns Midnight Funeral Records turned me on this band: Hamorny. If I recall correctly he had been raving about them for quite some time after I posted about Whirl (here) and mentioned them non-stop on my Twitter. I’m a sucker for Shoegaze music and all the bands involved in that genre. Well, Craig mentioned to me that I should check out Harmony, as they had a feel of Shoegaze and then some and I’d dig them. And they happen to be a local Aussie band.

Well…fuck me was he right!

Harmony play a style that is all things Shoegaze in essence but soundwise is more of a Folk and even Americana…would it be Australiana then?…style that is just tough to really pin down.

I don’t know much of the history of the band or their members…I just know that I soon as I listened to the tracks on their Soundcloud page (here) I was hooked! They were/are a breath of fresh air into this hardcore punk who also listens to and loves Taylor Swift kid’s life…yeah…that AWESOME!

The record itself seems to have been self-released by the band on their Solar/Sonar label. It’s all on black 180gram vinyl. It definitely feels nice and heavy. According to the band’s webstore, the records is out of 250 copies. And pricey. At least for us U.S. residents. I think after all was said and done with shipping it came close to $47. Or was it $57?…I can’t remember but it was pricey…and it hurt…but it was OK because it’s so damn good the music and well worth it. Plus now I can say that I feel the pain when my Aussie HxC brethren order records from the U.S. and how much it costs for them. Ouch.

So yeah…if you dig great music…get this record…you’ll be glad.

If this post doesn’t make sense…then it’s OK too…I’ve had quite a few beers tonight. So this is interesting to say the least. Ha!

“Drunk blog posting since 1995”

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    More Australian shoegaze… And on vinyl!

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