Mamiffer – Hirror Enniffer LP Tour Edition

Posted: July 14, 2011 by Juan D. in Record Nerds
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My obsession with Mamiffer has already been documented in previous posts and reviews and in my general daily nonsense. The group recently went on an U.S. tour and hit a few major cities. Unfortunately they did not have any stops close to me in Florida. That’s OK because I know that bands, especially smaller ones not on any type of major label, have difficulties affording to make their way here. It’s costly and sadly the music scene down here just plain sucks and there aren’t many venues that could host them. Hell, the only times I have seen Converge make their way to South Florida has been as part of a larger tour and as a supporting act. I’ve seen them twice and both times were with Mastodon.

So Mamiffer went on the road. For the tour they had some leftover copies of their first album, Hirror Enniffer, and made something special to have for the fans. An over-run / tour edition was made with an alternate insert and a few random copies were to have an alternate cover. Luckily for me, since I have a plethora of connections (right!), I was able to get my hands on one of the tour copies with the alternate cover.

Now…when bands say that things they put out are “hand-made” or “hand-assmbled”, sometimes the product falls short. There doesn’t seem to be a true sense of there being a personal touch to what is created. Not the case here with these tour versions of Hirror Enniffer. The covers are hand-stamped and stained. So you know these were handled by Faith and Aaron. (OMG!!! Insert fanboy gushing here!)

The vinyl itself is the smokey clear which in the original run is out of 100. So since it was an over-run, they used the additional / spare copies and made covers and inserts just for the tour. Based on the numbering, a total of 32 were done for the tour only with the over-run.

The new inserts have new photographs by Faith and also the numbering is contained within.

This is definitely a lovely and unique addition to the collection. That’s for damn sure. And I’m extremely thankful for having it. Even more so for the friendships I have been able to build via this band.

One thing though that caused a slight letdown is the vinyl itself. It arrived warped. Not anyone’s fault. I have received warped records before, but not this bad. This all essentially happened much thanks to the Florida summer heat. Leave a record or package sitting at my front door…which faces west by the way…in the afternoon sun and sure enough you will get a nice new bowl in the shape of a record.  Surprisingly enough I am not upset. Not even disappointed. Just more of a “Oh maaaaan!!!” feeling. Warped records can be fixed. Just gotta find two pieces of glass and heavy books. Problem solved. It’s not like I was going to play the record anyways. Ha! (But I do have the regular version to play to my heart’s content, so not worried at all.)

But it was all made alright with the custom-made hand-drawn space kitty on the package! That was a nice touch.  =)

“Kittens in outer space since 1995”

  1. todd says:

    can one of you guys hit me with an email address. i tried getting you through one that you used for a contest but think i might have messed it up.

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