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Posted: June 8, 2011 by Juan D. in Record Nerds
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Here it is. Cave In‘s White Silence. Their first full-length record since 2005’s Perfect Pitch Black.

What does it sound like? I can easily answer that by saying “AWESOME”! but it’d be giving people who give two rat’s asses about this blog a disservice. Let’s just say that it’s typical Cave In but not really. The heavy songs are heavier than ever. So bottom-heavy and loud that they will rattle the walls. And they already do at my  house when I blast this record. Then there are a few songs that are very un-Cave In but have that spark of melodic and space-yness (is that even a word? Ha!) from albums like Antenna and Jupiter. Overall it’s a great record with a few surprises for fans. I definitely see it as a strong contender for a “Top Album of 2011” list. At least of the few new records I have listened to so far this year.

Hydra Head has done a great job in the overall packaging and appearance of the record. Thick jackets with full color glossy art, 180gram vinyl (not that it means anything to me since I am not and never professed to be some snobby audiophile with a super-duper awesome sound system), a few colors to choose from, and overall a nice presentation.

The label broke down the colors available for people’s choosing as: White, Grey, Clear Gold, and Black. Don’t ask pressing numbers as you will not get that info from Hydra Head. And even those closest to the label are sworn to secrecy with a blood oath to never reveal pressing info lest they wish to suffer a slow and painful death at the hands of Sugar Bear.

BUT! And there is a big one…it is known that the White copies are limited to 100 as they were deemed the HH / Vacation Vinyl exclusive color. So at least we know that. So if you have to have every single variant out there for this record, then start looking. I guess. I ended up with a White one by sheer…something. When pre-orders first went up on Hydra Head’s BCD webstore, I ordered the white and grey. It made sense to me to get the white since the record is titled White Silence after all. Silly rationale I’m sure…feel free to hate on and comment and criticize…but hey…I got a white one didn’t I? Ha!

(Don’t worry…I took the shrinkwrap off after taking the pics. I’m sure all the snobby elitist holier-than-thou record collectors would be up in arms about something like that!)

It’s funny that after a few repeated listens to this record I have changed my mind and initial thoughts on what I wrote in the album review I did for the other music site. I mean, the review is still positive and makes it clear that this is a great record, but I keep finding more and more things I really dig about this. As I said already…it’s a great record and definitely one of Cave In‘s best.

One thing that has a lot of people bitching and moaning recently regarding Hydra Head releases is their pricing. A typical HH single LP has averaged between $17 to $22 usually depending on what the release is. 2xLPs go anywhere from $20 to $28. Again, depending on what it is. Which come to think of it, I have no idea why band or release itself would have any impact on the end pricing of the record itself. Then again, I don’t know the inner workings of a record label and all that is involved in putting a record out. If anyone who runs a label wants to illuminate me on this, by all means go for it.

To be brutally honest, I am a bit biased being the Hydra Head Über-Fanboy that I am, so their pricing doesn’t bother me much. Call me jaded or blind (and I’m sure you assholes will), but I have yet to be let down with all the releases they put out so I tend to be confident in knowing that I am getting top-notch quality release for my money. Sure, it can hurt the wallet at times but then again when it all comes down to it, buying a shit-ton of records can get expensive anyways. Be it 10 different releases or 10 variants of the same release…and that is a heated discussion with highly-opinionated people for another time.

I have no idea what my point is supposed to be. I’m just typing away wasting my time and yours. No apologies though. At the end of the day, if you support the label and its releases, you’ll continue to buy. No matter how expensive it may get. Some people will grit their teeth, some won’t care much. But sometimes it’s better off to pay that price from the label and just get your damn record. And to put it into a bit of perspective: Cave In‘s Anomalies Vol. 1 LP is $17.00 on Hydra Head’s webstore. I stopped by my local record store yesterday and noticed the same record for $20.00. Sure a $3 difference but still…just sayin’…

“Struggling to make a point since 1995”

  1. Nick says:

    That’s weird man cause I think the difference between regular and 180 gram vinyl is distinct.

  2. marcus says:

    I would love to support the label & its releases, but the problem is that they sell out way too frickin’ fast these days. I went to order this on what I thought was the first (maybe second) day of pre-orders, but BANG – all colors sold out. It sure didn’t used to be like this ten years ago or so. I used to be able to call up Aaron Turner on the phone and sk him to put stuff aside for me and then I’d send the money. I got a green copy of ‘Jupiter’ that way. I probably even called up like six weeks after it came out too. It’s a different world now. I mean, seriously, can you imagine trying that approach nowadays…

    “Oh hi, I’m just calling up to see if I can buy a copy of the latest Cave In record”
    “Sorry man, you’re too late. They’re all gone”
    “But the pre-order only went live like 5 minutes ago”
    “Yeah, that’s right, but all 2,000 copies sold out two minutes before the pre-order went live”
    “What? How the hell does that work?”
    “Beats me, but that’s just the way it works these days, man. You need to get with the program and get your orders in before the records have even been recorded. Or better still, before the band has even formed and given themselves a name”

    • Nick says:

      I agree 100%. Those guys were super accessible in the past and now there is a complete disconnect with the people buying their records. Though they do personalize a little on twitter every now and then, they have an almost confrontational way of dealing with selling records. That rant aside, they put out some of the best records out there.

    • Anung says:

      It sells out in the webstore preorder so fast because most of the records go to distributors to make it onto actual store shelves. They’ve been conservative about how much vinyl they press because if they make too much and end up sitting on a thousand copies, it means they don’t have that money to press another title.
      You can’t call them up anymore because if you could, so could every other whiny vinyl-nerd who is missing vol. 2 of In These Black Days 7″. That said, though, they are pretty damn responsive to their facebook, twitter, and maybe email (maybe to a lesser extent because it is probably full of poor demos by terrible bands). As a matter of fact, I know a couple people who reached out to Hydra Head looking for copies of the White Silence LP after the pre-order sold out, and contrary to your theoretical dialogue, they were able to purchase copies of colored vinyl directly from Sugarbear.

  3. Juan D. says:

    Oh man Marcus…that is the funniest comment/rant ever! Thanks man!

  4. Nick_J says:

    I wish we got more shit like that. Feedback makes me feel like people are actually reading my bad writing.

  5. Maciek says:

    Yes yes yes, they are reading, even on the other side of the pond, keep up the great work!
    But they are not always able to make such a good comment as Marcus did 😉

  6. Shane Hepler says:

    I just got an Orange copy at my local Hastings Entertainment Store. They also have a website If it is still in stock at one of the stores then you can order it from the web site and they source it to the store. I think they may be out of White Silence right now but they have a pretty good vinyl selection a decent Cave In back catalog in stock!

  7. jeremiah says:

    Hydrahead’s ridiculous pricing/packaging of the Torche ‘Song For Singles’ drew the line for me. $21.99 at my local shop for a package i had to tear open, meanwhile Southern Lord’ds new double LP Earth in astonishing gatefold on killer swirl vinyl is $22.99. in fact, i think Hydrahead has the highest prices of any label who release stuff i dig. if a package warrants a high price, i fully understand and will pay it…. but their’s rarely do (‘Anomolies’ is a great example). I know the answer to this is simple, ‘dont buy them’ and i try not to…or i’ll at least buy them through a distributor or store I want to support.

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