By The Grace Of God – Three Steps To A Better Democracy 7″

Posted: May 23, 2011 by Juan D. in Record Nerds
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If you know anything about Louisville HxC and attended Krazy Fest this past weekend, then you know who By The Grace Of God are. And you’re well-aware of awesome they are. Were. Still are. Right.

This 7″ is not new music. It was originally released back in 1998 on CD only. It was to be BTGOG‘s final recording and released by the Three Little Girls label in Louisville. After that, the band called it quits and each member went their separate ways. I kept on top of following whatever Rob Pennington and Duncan Barlow were doing since I was already a big fan of theirs from their ENDPOINT days. Rob went on to Black Widows which then morphed into Black Cross and then now just put out new music with Black God (which I did a write-up on a few weeks back). Duncan did d.biddle which was completely un-hardcore music. Very folksy and alt-country.

The Three Steps… 7″ is now out to basically coincide with BTGOG‘s reunion and not only performance at Krazy Fest but also a bunch of dates over in Europe. The 7″ is simple all around. Simple blue color and sleeve. Nothing fancy schmanzy here. And that’s completely fitting to the music. Hardcore with a message.

If you want to grab this 7″…and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t want to…then head on over to Cobra Records’ webstore. They’re based out of the Germany so remember the craptastic dollar exchange. But the 7″ is fairly priced and the shipping is affordable and quick.

  1. John Matrix says:

    Hey! Is there any way you could add a photo of the lyrics?

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