Posted: May 18, 2011 by They Still Press Vinyl in Record Nerds
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Lost Highway Records is celebrating their 10th anniversary this year by releasing some of their most beloved stuff on ‘limited edition, clear vinyl.’ Only 1,000 of each are being pressed as they move through the year so you can expect some pretty awesome stuff to continue to drop on us.

We’ve already covered one of the releases here, the first release of the bunch actually, so if you read the blog regularly you already know what this series of releases is about.

I was introduced to Whiskeytown sometime in 1999/2000 through a friend of mine in college. He was the manager of a local indie record store, I walked into the store one day and he had this very album playing on the store’s P.A. From there I was hooked and started seeking out all the Whiskeytown (and later Ryan Adams) tunes I could fine. For one reason or another, this album was never pressed on vinyl until now so for a long time fan of the band such as myself it’s a nice treat.

I had a conversation with Nick about this record after I picked it up and he told me  he personally had been going through a stretch of all the clear vinyl he seemed to pick up sounding like total crap. Yikes. Luckily I haven’t had anything like that happen to me lately, and this release is no different…at least on my turntable. I suppose your results may vary, but I’m pretty pleased with this release overall. I would have liked to see this release get a silver pressing, or something involving blue and black since this is the first time this album has even seen a vinyl release. But, that’s just me being nit picky. I’m really happy to finally be able to add this essential piece of music (especially for fans of Ryan Adams) to my vinyl collection.

  1. Nick_J says:

    All I’ve heard from RA fans is how bad these sound but mine sounds okay. I’d rather these be 180g black though. It seems to me that you would want to put anniversary albums on heavy vinyl.

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