Most Precious Blood demo 7″

Posted: May 18, 2011 by They Still Press Vinyl in Record Nerds
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When I found out a couple months ago that Trip Machine Labs was pressing Most Precious Blood’s original demo to a 7″ it took me about .032 seconds to hit the link and pre-order the release. As a fan of everything the band has ever released it was a vital 7″ that had to be added to my collection.

A very straight forward release, there were a couple of different colors and whatnot available for this one. I went ahead and snagged the /150 variation. These come on opaque red and are hand numbered.

The package also came with a coupon for an mp3 download of the demo. This type of thing has become almost second nature a lot of the time when you buy vinyl these days, but it’s still always a pleasent surprise when DIY and/or indie releases have this little bonus for the buyer.

Also, for those not up on their NYHC/MPB history, the songs on this 7″ went on to make up a chunk of the first Most Precious Blood release ‘Nothing In Vain’ which might be my personal favorite release of theirs to this day. I love everything they’ve done up to and including their latest monster ‘Do Not Resuscitate’, but I always seem to find myself going back to that album and these songs. Whatever the case, this is a must own for any fan of Most Precious Blood, Indecision and/or NYHC in general.


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