Ryan Adams Record Store Day 2011

Posted: April 16, 2011 by They Still Press Vinyl in Record Nerds
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Album – Class Mythology

Artist – Ryan Adams & The Cardinals

Purchased From – Budget Tapes and Records

For people like myself, Juan and Nick today has become a semi-holiday. Record Store Day…the day vinyl buyers, collectors and (regrettably enough) make a quick buck ‘flippers’ mark on the calendars and wait for. Since it started in 2007, the second Saturday of every April has been, as I said, a semi-holiday that ALWAYS features at least one or 10 great releases.

There were a number of things this year that caught my eye and initially had me hyped to try and pick up. But as time went on and the day drew closer it ultimately boiled down to 2 releases that topped my want list; Nirvana’s “Hormoaning” EP re-release and Ryan Adams and The Cardinals double seven inch ‘Class Mythology.’ Luckily I was able to score one of these without having to resort to secondary market/eBay inflated by false sense of value driven by people with entirely too much spare money and no damn sense prices.

This 4 song EP from the ridiculously proficient Ryan Adams originated in the sessions for “Cardinalology.” Pressed on two seven inch records (one on opaque orange, the other on opaque yellow) it comes is a pretty sweet package in a nicely put together (and sturdy) gatefold sleeve.  The outer sleeve artwork is a collage put together by Adams, while the inside of the gatefold features RA & The Cardinals-era photography by Cardinals guitarist Neal Casal.

  1. […] up getting the album that sat at the top of my personal Wish List for RSD 2011. Yeah, I wanted the Ryan Adams double 7 inch and was lucky enough to get one, same for the Foo Fighters release (got it too…write up […]

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