Mamiffer – Mare Decendrii 2xLP

Posted: April 16, 2011 by Juan D. in Record Nerds
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Yes. Another post about Mamiffer. I guess I obsess a bit when it comes to certain bands and artists. If the music is good, why not seek it out and get all releases the band puts out?

In yet another priceless release, Mare Decendrii finds Mamiffer exploring more textured and layered music while still retaining that piano-driven that they’re known for. In this release, the group, comprised mainly of Faith Coloccia and Aaron Turner, is beefed up with contributions from members of bands like Russian Circles, Earth, Black Math Horseman, and Circles. The added musicians bring a much-more expansive feel to the band’s sound. I could go on and on about the release but it’d be better to read the review I did for it over at The 1st Five. It will sound a lot better than anything I could write right now.

The vinyl for the release was handled by Conspiracy Records from Belgium. It was available via the SIGE Records webstore on BCD and also Conspiracy’s webstore as well.

The total run is limited to 500 copies with 100 on clear and 400 on black.

The 2xLP was packaged in a single-disc jacket. Overall the presentation is top-notch but it would have been brownie points to have this on a gatefold jacket. Just nit-picking here a bit.

I ordered this from both webstores but since it was all done by Conspiracy, those copies shipped out first. Blue Collar Distro is probably still waiting on their copies to send out. Makes sense.

My elation and excitement for this release were short-lived when it arrived. Let’s just say that the mailer and record itself showed up in less-than-stellar condition. Somewhere in transit…in Europe or at the hands of the USPS…the package was bent, beaten, and soaked. It arrived in such shoddy condition that I was a cluster of anger,  heartbreak, and disappointment.

When it comes to ordering records…or anything for that matter…there’s an unspoken connection between customer and seller/retailer. We order the product and place faith in the seller that they will get the item to us in the best condition possible. 95% of the time it all arrives in top-notch shape. But then there’s that remaining 5% that will always stick with us and leave us with a bad taste in our mouths. Once it arrives in “destroyed” condition, it feels like the end of the world to some of us. Even more so when it was purchased from an international seller and thanks to today’s crappy exchange rate, those of us here Stateside, pay a bit more.

You could say that it’s a risk that we have to take. There’s never any type of guarantee that the item…or record(s) for this blog’s purpose…will arrive in pristine condition. The only way to ensure that would be to physically get it from the label’s headquarters/office/lair/whatever. In this case, anyone want to pay for me a flight to Belgium? Ha!

I’m not blaming Conspiracy for this mishap at all. Believe me. I’ve ordered from them plenty of times before and have always had smooth and awesome transactions. Records have arrived in great shape and no issues. I lay the blame on the mail handling people once it left Conspiracy HQ. I’m pretty certain that this happened at the hands of the ever-so-reliable USPS. My mailman handed the package to me as such and apologized to no end…and I believed him because knowing him for so many years, I know that he only delivers the stuff. He expressed disappointment at the sorting people in the mail facility as they’re the ones who usually (mis)handle the packages before they go out for delivery. He really dropped a few choice words and f-bombs to describe the mail sorting people’s work ethic.

The knee-jerk reaction over this would be to blame Conspiracy and make outrageous demands to rectify this. But on further thought, it is downright silly and unfair of me to blame them. A good friend expressed to me his thoughts about this matter. He said, “Really thinking about where responsibility here lies is important. Just as much as it is not your fault that this occurred, it isn’t the faut of Conspiracy that this occurred.”

Damn he’s right. He’s definitely a much smarter and more rational man than I am.


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