Cold Cave

Posted: April 5, 2011 by They Still Press Vinyl in Record Nerds
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Album – Cherish The Light Years

Artist – Cold Cave

Purchased From – Matador Records

Like many others who listen to those types of things, I was first introduced to the work of Wes Eisold through his time in American Nightmare. I never really got into his other projects post-AN for one reason or another, I’d check out a couple things here and there when I’d hear about them but for whatever reason they just never ‘stuck’ with me past that initial exploratory listen. Cold Cave, however, is a different beast and has very much ‘stuck’ in my music rotation.

I remember reading a lot about Cold Cave around the time ‘Love Comes Close’ really started to spread like wildfire and finally got around to checking that album out the later part of that year. I was immediately hooked. Not that they were doing anything ridiculously original; it was obvious that a lot of the synth pop of the 80’s and especially stuff like Joy Division was heavily influencing what was coming out of the Cold Cave camp. But, like I said, for whatever reason the music just ‘stuck’ with me…to the point that ‘Love Comes Close’ took up a semi-permanent rotation in my iPod at the time.

After almost 2 years (with a couple one off and remix projects thrown in to fill the time) Cold Cave has finally dropped a new full length. But, this time, they’ve broadened their influence and creativity range and produced an album that, to me at least, trumps “Loves Comes Close.” Yeah, the Joy Division/80’s synth pop influence is still heavily obvious but there’s more going on here. A prime example is the song “Alchemy and You’; an uptempo song, it’s built in large part on a wicked horn loop (pretty sure it’s a trumpet, but I digress) and it’s just a song that you will probably find yourself listening to a lot. Now I admit I’m not a synth pop encyclopedia or anything but I don’t know too many bands of that style/genre that would or could build a song around a trumpet loop.

As for the vinyl itself, it’s on black with very simple black and red center labels. The liner note insert ties into the package really nicely too and the whole package came with a neat little double sided poster promoting the album. All in all a solid package for a great record from a good label.


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