High Tension Wires

Posted: April 3, 2011 by Nick_J in Uncategorized
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Album – Welcome New Machine

Artist – High Tension Wires

Purchased From – Green Noise Records

The vinyl mailer for this record was bent like a taco. I thought for sure the record was toast but much to my relief it was in perfect shape.

High Tension Wires are yet another band featuring members of Marked Men that are on Dirtnap Records that I like. They play a Jay Reatard meets Marked Men garage punk if I was to have to classify it. I really like these kinds of records because they are just melodic enough where I can get away with playing them at work but punk enough to make me feel a little better dealing with the fucked up drug addicted morons I help all day. To play music that is that pure punk genius in a environment surrounded by slobbering Disturbed and ICP fans is really quite comforting.

I can’t be sure but I think this is one of 100 on red vinyl. I read on Dirtnap’s site that they got less than they had intended so 100 more were on the way. This is what led me to believe there were 100 on red. Very scientific I assure you.


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