Coheed and Cambria – Second Stage Turbine Blade LP Reissue

Posted: April 2, 2011 by Juan D. in Record Nerds
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Well…here it is…the much-awaited and discussed reissue of Coheed and Cambria‘s Second Stage Turbine Blade LP. We gave y’all the headsup about the pre-sale back in early February. Now the actual records and VIP packages are starting to arrive. For the price and all the stuff included, it’s well worth it.

The vinyl itself is definitely 180gram and feels as such. Nice green marbled color. The 7″ included with the this pack has the songs “IRO-bot” and “Elf Tower New Mexico”. Both great songs. I guess I got my order in early enough to have snagged one of the signed posters. The actual way it was all shipped was not super-awesome but thankfully everything arrived in great shape.

Oh yeah, there’s also the VIP pass which will allow for early-entry the shows scheduled for this tour.  I know a lot of people who bought the pack are flipping the pass since the tour is not coming near them. I’d do that too. Let someone else who is actually going to the show put it to good use. For a price of course. Ha!

There are two more versions for this reissue. A white color one for retailers. Hopefully that will be in my hands in the next few weeks. And also a more limited black vinyl one with alternate artwork and hand-numbered only available at the shows for the band’s Neverender tour. The last few times I have been to a Co&Ca show, a majority of the fans have paid little to no attention to any vinyl being sold at the merch table. Hopefully it’s still the case when I see them in a couple of weeks.

  1. […] Blade LP gets reissued and immediately three different versions get put out right off the bat: the green VIP package, the white retailer, and the black tour-only version. It does seem a bit hypocritical of me to […]

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