Abraxis – S/T LP

Posted: April 1, 2011 by Juan D. in Record Nerds
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I am an old and jaded hardcore punk asshole. It is no secret. I’ve been into HxC and punk since about 1989 (I think) when I moved to Louisville, KY and pretty much got drawn in to the local scene and got hooked into a lot of great bands that I am still a hardcore (pun very much intended) fan of to this day. Regardless of those bands being long gone, I am still a fan. Why wouldn’t you be if you’re passionate about a group’s music anyways?

As time progressed as it tends to do, scenes changed and methods of interacting with people shifted as well. Nowadays, having a relationship or connection with a band or scene or like-minded people is only a mouse-click and keyboard-stroke away. It’s so damn simple. And also a bit more impersonal. It feels somewhat sterile and clinical to someone who grew up with dealing with other HxC scene freaks and weirdos face-to-face or via hand-written letters and communiqués. I’m just a fuckin’ mess of feelings right now.

But let’s get to the point of this post I guess. It seems like eons ago that I was asked to contribute my rants and raves to the TSPV blog. Being the ego-centric asshole I could be, I sometimes feel that this is my baby also. Not to steal any thunder from Josh of course. I am glad to add more to the blog and our mission here. Throughout this whole experience I have been able to cement a lot of great e-friendships and connections. A few that are awesome to this day. One of those is with Craig of Midnight Funeral Records. Interestingly enough, MFR and Craig were the first “fans” of the blog and our first contest and everything. So he was a key in upping the awesomeness of TSPV.

But to me it feels that Craig and I clicked somehow in our shared fanaticism of certain bands and style of hardcore. I don’t know why or how but I honestly don’t care to try and explain or figure it out. It’d be pointless. Why try and figure out why something is awesome anyways?

By now you’re asking, “What in the bloody hell is the point of your post Juan?!?!”…well…let me tell you!

I could sit here and share with you the awesome care package that Craig sent me of a few Midnight Funeral releases:

But I won’t.

What I will share with all of y’all is the surprise I got in the mail from him. Well kinda. He had tweeted to me that he was sending it so I kinda new.

Here is the second pressing…in clear vinyl out of 50 copies…of AbraxisS/T LP.

Most people would not care about this album but I do. If you’re into the Holy Terror hardcore sound (look it up on the internetz if you need an explanation) then this is right up your alley. It’s hardcore at its most abrasive and in-your-face as it gets. It harkens back to the days of Integrity’s Humanity Is The Devil but also upping the ante in the process. And it’s all done by one guy! Yeah! There is only one dude in the band!

This release is awesome. Clear vinyl (I’m a sucker for that “color” for some reason), screenprinted cover, and the insert is printed in an almost-vellum like paper. Overall this just screams attention to detail to me. And that is what makes MFR such a great label. Did I mention that they’re out of Australia? Yeah! They are! I won’t make any Crocodile Dundee jokes here for the sake of seriousness of the post. Plus I don’t want to embarrass myself too much. Ha!

I am at a loss for words at this point…maybe it’s because I’ve run out of awesome things to say about this release and label..which are all true…or because I’m on my third…or fourth Foster’s oil can…I know, I know, most Aussies feel that Fauster’s is shit beer…the American equivalent to Budweiser or something shit like that.

And FYI…Craig is SxE…that’s Straight-Edge to those not savvy with abreviations…and the funny is not lost on me.

I heart you Craigos!


  1. Ron Barber says:

    Nice post, I too love this Album, as my brother wrote it in his bedroom i knew from the start it was sick. peace

  2. […] have mentioned this before in the Abraxis post (here) and I could on and on and on. Well…my good e-buddy Craig from Australia and who runs/owns […]

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