Tim Barry

Posted: March 31, 2011 by Nick_J in Uncategorized

Tim Barry has announced that he plans on moving his back catalog (ie everything) to Chunksaah Records.

I have an opinion here so I’ll spit it out. I recently bought all of the Tim Barry albums. They all three came from different sources, all three were sealed and all three have very detectable surface noise. I mean to the point where I don’t listen to them. I have contacted Suburban Home on two occasions and I have received zero reply. Little bummed cause all I’ve ever heard is how lovely these people are. Anyway I’m not trying to bag too hard on Suburban Home cause they put out great bands but these records are shit and it’s a huge waste of money. I would gladly mail them back for an exchange and pay postage both ways but I guess I’ll just wait till Chunkshaha puts them out and buy them again.

Here is a statement from Tim Barry and Chunksaah ….

Chunksaah Records is proud to announce the re-release of TIM BARRY’s “28th & Stonewall,” “Manchester” and “Rivanna Junction” albums in all formats (CD, LP and Digital) – May 10, 2011. The CD versions will all be re-issued as digipacks and the LP versions will be on embossed reverse-board with colored vinyl (translation: fancy!!!)

Here’s what Chunksaah Records had to say about the re-issues: “Tim Barry has long been a member of our family and we are excited to expand the ways in which we are spreading the good word of music and family worldwide! We will be officially celebrating on Good Friday (aka Friday April 22nd, 2011) at the Asbury Lanes, in our fair city-by-the-sea – Asbury Park, NJ. Who knew that Tim would turn Yankee? haha.”

Tim said, “Moving my back catalog of albums from Suburban Home Records to Chunksaah Records was not an easy decision to make, considering the incredible relationship I share with Suburban Home, both personally and as a record label. However, I felt the need to have every aspect of my musical support crew in one place. With this change, my booking agent, publicist, merchandise company, much of my road crew and now record label are all located in the the Great State of New Jersey – the Asbury Park area to be specific.”


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