Posted: March 29, 2011 by They Still Press Vinyl in Record Nerds
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Album – To Walk A Middle Course

Artist – Kylesa

Purchased From – Budget Records (328 E. Forsythe St. Jacksonville, Fl)

The wife and I recently made a road trip to Jacksonville to spend a couple days out of town with friends. While we were there my friends husband took me to Budget Records in Downtown Jacksonville. Budget is an awesome used record store that, even though it’s located in the downtown area of a major metropolitan area it’s still quite the hole in the wall. And, best of all, it’s not some indie record store that prices it’s records by looking at what they went for on eBay by checking Collector Frenzy for the average auction price. So, you can absolute find some awesome deals while you’re there. I found a couple of things while I was in there and this Kylesa record is one of them…and I got it for $9.

“To Walk a Middle Course” is Kylesa’s second full length release, released on Prosthetic Records in 2005. There were 3 versions of the record in a total press run of 3000; 2400 on black, 500 on clear yellow, and 100 clear with a special cover that were a tour only special. Musically, well, you know what you’re getting here; that Georgia Swamp Metal, sludgy sound that has blown up in a lot of ways lately thanks not just to Kylesa’s expanding fan base but also because of bands like Baroness and Black Tusk.

Anyway, I was really pleased to find this record in such amazing condition and for such a ridiculous price. I dig the hell out of Kylesa, but until now didn’t have any of their vinyl in my collection.


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