Joe Walsh – But Seriously, Folks…

Posted: March 13, 2011 by Nick_J in Record Nerds, Uncategorized
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People have many reasons for listening to vinyl. At this point, I’m cynical enough to think they aren’t all genuine. Goofy bastard that treat records as if they’re a fad or maybe some kind of stock investment. I can’t relate to that shit in the slightest. I love records because there is something about the right record that pours itself into your soul.

Anyone who thinks that because they are listening to a records they get that vinyl specific sound is spaced out fucking dumb. I own a lot of records and a ton of them sound like trash. In those cases I’d rather be listening to the CD because shitty records have no dynamics or soul. I’m sure most people convince themselves that all records are created equally but it’s far from the case.

I was talking to Josh the other day about my posting up some of the records that I buy that I usually wouldn’t even bother. I buy a whole lot of records that aren’t the run of the mill stuff that you usually see on this blog. I’ll get two or three older records a week that fit that bill. In the end I don’t think I’m going to waste my time putting them up on this site but what I think I might do is post up the occasional record that lights a fire under my ass. The kind of records that do in fact pour out of your record player and sound like you’re standing in the studio watching the band record live.

Joe Walsh was one of those people that growing up I had zero interest in. I hated The Eagles with a passion. That’s not saying that I didn’t have the ability to recognize the quality of songwriting and even the occasional song of The Eagles but I always loathed their brand of mellow rock. With that came the easy dismissal of Eagles related musicians. Even as a young adult I always assumed that I hated Joe Walsh….mistake.

Fast forward a few years later, a record collector friend of mine brings me Joe Walsh – But Seriously, Folks… to burn. I was instantly in love with the record. Skip forward to now when I finally find a good clean vinyl copy on eBay and find out that it is one of those few albums that lends itself to vinyl with majesty. Not that I’m bothered that I didn’t get this record sooner but more I’m damn glad I can now sit down and have my mind blown by this classic album. The overall richness of this album is incredible. To have been completely wasted most of his career, Joe Walsh was amazingly artful and articulate.

The other day I was having a conversation with the guy who originally turned me on to Joe Walsh and I was telling him that this album is one more rocking track away from  rock perfection. Not to knock this record because in the last few years it has moved comfortably into my top albums of all time. It feels like home to me in a way that would say I had been listening to it since I was a teen.

I hope in posting this that maybe one person who would never give something like this a listen might give it a try. I did and it proved to be something spectacular.


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