Deftones releasing Record Store Day 2011 exclusive 12 inch

Posted: March 12, 2011 by They Still Press Vinyl in Record Nerds
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Last year was the first year I actually got a chance to score a RSD exclusive (Volume 1 of Hot Water Music’s Live In Chicago 7 inch series on blue. Thanks, Juan!), but after reading this news I can guarantee you I plan on at least trying to double my “RSD Exclusive” collection.

According to the press release;

To commemorate ‘Record Store Day’, Deftones will be releasing a special edition ‘Covers’ LP.
This LP is a collection of classic Deftones’ cover tracks, pressed together on limited edition vinyl for the first time ever. Only 5000 of these will be produced. The set spans a wide range of genres, including covers from artists The Cure, Drive Like Jehu, The Cars, The Smiths, Lynryd Skynrd and Duran Duran.

Covers will be available on April 16th – you can head towww.recordstoreday.comto find participating stores in your area. See below for the artwork and full track listings

I admit, the idea of releasing a collection of cover songs is neither original or particularly earth shattering. And, the track record of some of these things can be..shall we say…hit or miss (mostly miss), but this particular set looks like a no-brainer for me. First, I love the Deftones and second I’ve heard that Drive Like Jehu cover; it’s ridiculous. So, while some people are falling all over the Touche Amore 7″…or the Superchunk/Coliseum split 7″ of Misfits covers (I admit, this is another one I’m interested in but that’s neither here nor there)…or the Omar Rodriguez Lopez QUADRUPLE 12 inch collection of TV theme songs (proving yet again that Mars Volta uber fans will buy ANYTHING if Omar puts it out there)…I’ll be hunting this one down. Screw it, if I can shell out $20+ for a 20 something minute long Torche record I can gladly take a chance on this one.

For shits and giggles; here’s the Drive Like Jehu cover…


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