Windmills By The Ocean – II LP

Posted: March 5, 2011 by Juan D. in Record Nerds
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If you’re an ISIS fanboy like I am, then you’re familiar with all the members’ side-projects. Windmills By The Ocean is guitarist Bryant Clifford Meyer’s. WBTO is an experiment in the marriage of metal, droning sounds, Shoegaze feedback, and ambience. Sounds messy but it is not.

The group’s second, and years in the making, record has just been released via Robotic Empire. It’s more of the expected sound of the first album but with a few surprises. Added to the droney guitars and lush melodies (as described by RE and very much so) are vocals. This is differents as there weren’t any on the first record. Or at least that I can recall. Maybe it’s time to bust that one out and listen again.

One of the things that sold me more than usual with this second album was the fact that members of 27 joined the recording. No need to remind of my fanaticism for that band. It borders on unhealthy obsession. But going through the song credits, Maria Christopher, Ayal Noar, and Thos Niles (he left the group a while back though), all of 27 contributed to the album. It’s a win-win in my book.

The pressing info for this record is a total of 1,000: 600 on black, 200 of “pagan sun” (maroon/black mishmash), and 200 “windmill” (grey/silver quad jawns)

(Pic from RE’s site)

I picked up the “pagan sun” one as it seemed a bit more interesting and creative color. Just appealed to me more.

I really dig this album. It’s very ambient-feeling and can be listened to at any time. As always, Robotic Empire did a bang-up job with it. I do wish though, that RE would included a digital download with all their vinyl releases. I know I am just being nit-picky but I usually write all my music reviews at odd times…such as driving at work…sounds inconvenient and non-sensical but it’s my approach. Deal with it!

  1. marcus says:

    Looks interesting. I may have to pick this one up too!

  2. Nick_J says:

    I got this after a month of waiting and man is it bad ass.

  3. Nick_J says:

    After a second spin I’m blown away.

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