Rot In Hell – As Pearls Before Swine LP

Posted: February 12, 2011 by Juan D. in Record Nerds
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Hardcore is a pain in the ass genre to be into. Not only are you stuck with the insanity of variants and limited pressings by your favorite bands, but also at times it seems that every hardcore band sounds the same as others. At times I get stuck in ruts where there is not a single new band that really gets my attention. But then again, I’m not easily impressed by a lot of bands nowadays anyways.

Rot In Hell are one of those bands that got my interest quick but yet I didn’t really pursue much of their stuff. I had heard a few songs from prior releases but didn’t buy. Not too sure why. When Deathwish announced they’d be releasing their new album, As Pearls Before Swine, and I saw the cover artwork, I was hooked. There was something about the meanness of the art that got my interest. Who doesn’t like mummified rat skeletons? But this brought me back to the days when I worked at a music store and bought a few albums solely on the cover art and not have heard a single note by the band.

The album is on two colors: Orange/Gold mix (300) and Beer (700)

I ended up getting my copy of the record from my friend Adam who went to a show in Baltimore where Rot In Hell were playing along with Integrity, Haymaker, Drop Dead, Pale Creation, Seven Sistersof Sleep, The Love Below, and Pharaoh. It was the 7th Anniversary show for A389 Recordings. Rot In Hell did a special record release cover for the album done by Give Up from Texas.

I can not say enough awesome things about this record. It’s ripping straight-up hardcore. If you want a proper review of it, head over to The 1st Five, where I wrote a little something up.


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